Aggro Overload Shaman (NO QUEST!!)

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This deck can outpace almost every other deck out there at the moment. Games are typically over around turn 8.

Ultimately, this is just an updated take on Token Shaman. We want to fill the board with stuff and then go Bloodlust and hit face for a million.

All the overload cards are to take advantage of Vessina (which functions as a third Bloodlust), Thunderhead (which is great for filling up your board), and Likkim (2 mana, 3/3 weapons are good).


A few other notes:

Mogu Fleshshaper can be comboed with the evolve lackey to get a random 8 drop (occasionally, it'll be Octosari, which is awesome).

It's an old combo, but once you have Doomhammer equipped, Rockbiter Weapon in a 2 mana Pyroblast.

I currently have a limited mech package. I find this to be a pretty good amount of tokens, but free to add or subtract from it as you see fit.

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