Journey to Un'Goro Card Spoilers & Expansion Guide

Don't touch ANYTHING! Journey to Un'Goro is Hearthstone's fifth expansion. It was released on April 6th 2017 - Patch Notes

Expansion Overview

It's time for an expedition. This set includes 135 new cards from the heart of Un'Goro Crater!

Pre-Order & Free Content

Leading up to the release of Journey to Un'Goro, players had an opportunity to purchase a bundle of 50 packs along with an exclusive card back for $49.99 USD.

Additionally, the 8 days prior to release granted various rewards for logging in including gold, dust, card packs, and culminating with a golden copy of Volcanosaur.

During the Year of the Mammoth, players could earn a new Rogue hero, Maiev Shadowsong, by winning 10 matches in Standard.


Maiev Shadowsong

The first alternate Rogue hero was available for free by winning 10 games in Standard format during the Year of the Mammoth.

  • Thanks: 'Thank you.'
  • Well Played: 'Well played.'
  • Greetings: 'Hail, friend.'
  • Wow: 'Amazing.'
  • Oops: 'A tactical error.'
  • Threaten: 'You incur my wrath!'




This new minion type can give you a particular bonus, having played an Elemental in the previous turn. In addition to these new cards, some existing cards also received this new Elemental tag.

Air Elemental Card ImageBlazecaller Card ImageCrystalline Oracle Card ImageFire Fly Card ImageFire Plume Phoenix Card Image
Frozen Crusher Card ImageGlacial Shard Card ImageHot Spring Guardian Card ImageIgneous Elemental Card ImageLyra the Sunshard Card Image
Ozruk Card ImagePyros Card ImageRadiant Elemental Card ImageServant of Kalimos Card ImageStone Sentinel Card Image
Stormwatcher Card ImageSteam Surger Card ImageTar Creeper Card ImageTar Lord Card ImageVolatile Elemental Card Image


These new spells introduced new build-around archetypes, and were the first legendary spells in Hearthstone.

  • Every quest costs 1 mana.
  • Quests have a 100% chance of being in your initial draw. You can choose to mulligan them if you wish.
  • A quest icon, similar to the secret icons, is placed at the top of your hero portrait. This occupies one of the five secret spots.
  • Every quest has a different condition that must be met to complete it, and progress is updated as you execute the requirements.
  • When a quest is completed, a short animation plays granting you the Legendary reward.
  • Quests can not be discovered or generated by other cards, and are also not available in arena.

One quest was released for each class:

Awaken the Makers Card ImageFire Plume's Heart Card ImageJungle Giants Card ImageLakkari Sacrifice Card ImageOpen the Waygate Card Image
The Caverns Below Card ImageThe Last Kaleidosaur Card ImageThe Marsh Queen Card ImageUnite the Murlocs Card Image


"You can choose one of three options to immediately buff your minion. There are ten total Adaptations to choose from, so you’ll have plenty of options to respond to threats presented by your opponent."



Flaming Claws Card ImageLiving Spores Card Image
Poison Spit Card ImageRocky Carapace Card Image

Adapt Cards

Adaptation Card ImageCrackling Razormaw Card ImageElder Longneck Card ImageEvolving Spores Card ImageGentle Megasaur Card Image
Lightfused Stegodon Card ImageOrnery Direhorn Card ImagePterrordax Hatchling Card ImageRavasaur Runt Card ImageRavenous Pterrordax Card Image
Thunder Lizard Card ImageVerdant Longneck Card ImageVicious Fledgling Card ImageVolcanosaur Card Image


Year of the Mammoth

The Standard format rotated upon arrival of the Year of the Mammoth, and multiple sets were restricted to wild. These sets were:

The Hall of Fame is a new set created to remove some classic cards from the Standard format. Dust refunds were rewarded for eligible cards that were affected.

The first cards to be put in this set were:

E. Malone's Expedition Journal

Over several weeks blog posts were released sharing entries from E. Malone's Journal as he ventures through Un'Goro.

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 3 | Part 5 |

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Revealed Cards for Journey to Un'Goro

These are all the cards that have currently been revealed for Journey to Un'Goro.


Tyrantus Card Image
Jungle Giants Card Image
Giant Anaconda Card Image
Living Mana Card Image
Shellshifter Card Image
Evolving Spores Card Image
Earthen Scales Card Image
Verdant Longneck Card Image
Elder Longneck Card Image
Tortollan Forager Card Image


Swamp King Dred Card Image
The Marsh Queen Card Image
Dinomancy Card Image
Stampede Card Image
Tol'vir Warden Card Image
Terrorscale Stalker Card Image
Raptor Hatchling Card Image
Crackling Razormaw Card Image
Grievous Bite Card Image
Jeweled Macaw Card Image


Pyros Card Image
Open the Waygate Card Image
Meteor Card Image
Primordial Glyph Card Image
Molten Reflection Card Image
Steam Surger Card Image
Mana Bind Card Image
Shimmering Tempest Card Image
Arcanologist Card Image
Flame Geyser Card Image


Sunkeeper Tarim Card Image
The Last Kaleidosaur Card Image
Dinosize Card Image
Primalfin Champion Card Image
Spikeridged Steed Card Image
Vinecleaver Card Image
Lightfused Stegodon Card Image
Hydrologist Card Image
Lost in the Jungle Card Image
Adaptation Card Image


Lyra the Sunshard Card Image
Awaken the Makers Card Image
Curious Glimmerroot Card Image
Shadow Visions Card Image
Free From Amber Card Image
Mirage Caller Card Image
Crystalline Oracle Card Image
Tortollan Shellraiser Card Image
Radiant Elemental Card Image
Binding Heal Card Image


Sherazin, Corpse Flower Card Image
The Caverns Below Card Image
Vilespine Slayer Card Image
Biteweed Card Image
Obsidian Shard Card Image
Envenom Weapon Card Image
Mimic Pod Card Image
Razorpetal Lasher Card Image
Razorpetal Volley Card Image
Hallucination Card Image


Kalimos, Primal Lord Card Image
Unite the Murlocs Card Image
Stone Sentinel Card Image
Spirit Echo Card Image
Volcano Card Image
Fire Plume Harbinger Card Image
Primalfin Totem Card Image
Hot Spring Guardian Card Image
Tidal Surge Card Image
Air Elemental Card Image


Clutchmother Zavas Card Image
Lakkari Sacrifice Card Image
Bloodbloom Card Image
Chittering Tunneler Card Image
Cruel Dinomancer Card Image
Feeding Time Card Image
Corrupting Mist Card Image
Tar Lurker Card Image
Lakkari Felhound Card Image
Ravenous Pterrordax Card Image


King Mosh Card Image
Fire Plume's Heart Card Image
Sudden Genesis Card Image
Explore Un'Goro Card Image
Direhorn Hatchling Card Image
Cornered Sentry Card Image
Molten Blade Card Image
Tar Lord Card Image
Ornery Direhorn Card Image
Iron Hide Card Image


Ozruk Card Image
Hemet, Jungle Hunter Card Image
Elise the Trailblazer Card Image
Spiritsinger Umbra Card Image
The Voraxx Card Image
Tortollan Primalist Card Image
Primordial Drake Card Image
Charged Devilsaur Card Image
Blazecaller Card Image
Bittertide Hydra Card Image
Gentle Megasaur Card Image
Bright-Eyed Scout Card Image
Gluttonous Ooze Card Image
Emerald Hive Queen Card Image
Volcanosaur Card Image
Servant of Kalimos Card Image
Frozen Crusher Card Image
Tol'vir Stoneshaper Card Image
Devilsaur Egg Card Image
Humongous Razorleaf Card Image
Vicious Fledgling Card Image
Stonehill Defender Card Image
Golakka Crawler Card Image
Ultrasaur Card Image
Giant Mastodon Card Image
Sated Threshadon Card Image
Stormwatcher Card Image
Sabretooth Stalker Card Image
Nesting Roc Card Image
Stegodon Card Image
Fire Plume Phoenix Card Image
Giant Wasp Card Image
Tar Creeper Card Image
Thunder Lizard Card Image
Eggnapper Card Image
Pterrordax Hatchling Card Image
Igneous Elemental Card Image
Rockpool Hunter Card Image
Volatile Elemental Card Image
Ravasaur Runt Card Image
Stubborn Gastropod Card Image
Primalfin Lookout Card Image
Emerald Reaver Card Image
Fire Fly Card Image
Glacial Shard Card Image

Card Backs & Packs


Un'Goro Mystery

Card Pack

 Game Board

Journey to Un'Goro Announcement Video

Cinematic Trailer

Ben Brode's Un'Goro Rap

Wonders of Un'Goro Short Sieries

Initial Card Reveal VOD

Final Reveal VOD


  • forcemajeure's Avatar
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    Posted 4 years, 4 months ago

    My worst luck with pack opening.  7 legendaries out of 112 packs :(  The most packs I've ever bought.

  • Hydrafrog's Avatar
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    Posted 4 years, 11 months ago

    I bought more of this expansion than any other... simply because it was the first expansion when I came back into playing.  I still love the Elemental mechanics


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