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This Week's Theme: Stacked Against You

You're at the final challenge and the deck isn't stacked in your favor. Can you salvage a way to win the fight?

  • You must make a card with a deckbuilding restriction. You're free to choose whatever restriction you want as long as it's explicit and requires some level of thoughtful deckbuilding.
    • In other words, cards that technically have deckbuilding restrictions to use properly, but don't say so on the card (like Mogu Cultist or Elwynn Boar) or otherwise don't prevent its normal functionality will not count. While certain cards like Gather Your Party or Clumsy Courier discourage you from using cheap minions or spells in your deck, they don't necessarily prevent you from using them and in any deck (assuming it has at least one minion or one spell in it), it will still maintain its normal functionality.
    • While there are no clearly defined designations for what counts as 'thoughtful deckbuilding', simply using common sense will make this a non-issue. You wouldn't call Town Crier a card with a 'deckbuilding restriction' because your deck needs a Rush minion to tutor.

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Remember that for the purpose of this competition, the deckbuilding restriction should be written on the card itself.

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