New Beast Hunter [Galakrond's Awakening]

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General Strategy:

This deck has multiple ways of winning depending on the matchup and depending on what minion you want to cast Dire Frenzy on. Ideally, you want the first 1-3 turns of the game to setup, meaning casting Clear the Way, playing an early Springpaw on 1 into Fresh Scent on 2 to start pressuring. With this deck you have to find the balance between being proactive and reactive depending on the matchup. For example, against slower decks like Quest Priest you want to be more proactive and start attacking with a Desert Spear to start building a board, but against faster decks like Galakrond Zoolock you might want to save your weapon charges or rushers like Diving Gryphon for trading since trading will be inevitable and then you can ensure favorable trades.  Most of the time you can't be too picky as to what minion you Dire Frenzy either, a lot of great targets are Springpaw, Scavenging Hyena, Vicious Scalehide, Animal Companion, Diving Gryphon or in some cases Unleash the Beast in longer value control matchups.  It is most often used as a slightly weaker Blessing of Kings with delayed value. Towards the end of the game, if you have Tundra Rhino in hand its always best to count how much damage you have in hand and how you can close out games the fastest. This might mean chipping your opponent down with your hero power until you can unload your beasts in hand with Tundra Rhino for surprise lethal burst. 

*tip* NEVER play Timber Wolf or Scavenging Hyena early on by themself. Almost every class has an early clear for them and they will be much more useful later in the game in combination with other spells/minions. Especially with Tundra Rhino for lethals



Always Keep - Clear the Way, Springpaw, Master's Call, Dire Frenzy

Sometimes Keep - Fresh Scent (if you have Springpaw), Vicious Scalehide (Against Hunter, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior), Animal Companion (if you have Springpaw or Vicious Scalehide), Desert Spear (if you have Clear the Way, or coin), Diving Gryphon (if you have Clear the Way, or coin), Unleash the Hounds (against Hunter, Druid, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior)


I hope you like this deck and, as always, if you have any questions or have a suggestion please comment below (I respond to all comments)!

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