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This is one of the decks I used for getting legend this season.

Check the links for the other decks I used.




The plan is kind of straight forward, play secrets and go face. Only trade key minions *IF* necessary. These key minions might be:

Any mech versus mechpaladin, a simple microbot can become an insane minion if you let it live.

Versus even shaman try to keep boardcontrol and you win, instead of going face the strategy here is to kill the totems from the heropower do they can't abuse the totem buffs.

What to keep:

General keeps for every matchup:

Kabal lackey(if you have a secret), arcanologist, mad scientist, kirin to mage(if you have a secret).

Vs aggro:

Arcane flakmage, ancient mysteries(if you have arcane flakmage), flame ward.

Vs control: 

Aluneth, if you have both of these: duplicate + kabal crystal runner.

Vs mage & warlock(specific cards you want are different than aggro & control matchups):

Counterspell, explosive runes.

If you feel like you're losing a lot to warlock or mech paladin, add 1 potion of polymorph for counterspell or flame ward. 

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