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This is one of the decks I used for reaching legend in wild this season, for the other decks check the links below.




This deck is kind of tricky to play well, but the general strategy is to complete your quest as quickly as you can, play vargoth with timewarp and the giants, then take 2 turns to kill the opponent.


What to keep:

In general in any given matchup:

Babbling book, open the waygate, violet spellwing, licensed adventurer, mad scientist, questing explorer, zephrys the great.

Vs aggro:

ray of frost, doomsayer, acidic swamp ooze(vs weapon classes), flame ward, reno jackson, reno the relicologist(if you have a 1 or 2 cost minion), kazakus.

Vs control:

archmage vargoth, brann bronzebeard(in combination with babbling book, licensed adventurer or banana buffoon), if you have both of these: ray of frost, mana cyclone.

Vs warlock(different from aggro or control):

Acidic swamp ooze(for cubelocks "skull of the man'ari", reno the relicologist.

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