Hadronox w/ 2 N'Zoths

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Hey everyone!  Trying this out for a fun Taunt Druid.  Please CRAFT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

Experimenting w/ Vectus, Greybough and Archspore Msshi'fn.  (I'll prob drop one or more of these eventually.)  You can certainly replace them with other cards (more ramp, Lightning Bloom, maybe Damaged Stegotron.)  I like the rest of the cards in the deck.  There are many synergies here that may not be obvious at first (like a lot of decks).  

You have 4 Deathrattle minions (Archspore Msshi'fn, Greybough, Hadronox and Scrapyard Colossus), so make sure one or two die before you play Vectus.

Witching Hour can generate Hadronox or Winged Guardian which I think is fine.  You can pull the Winged Guardians if you want to guarantee Hadronox, but I don't think it's necessary.  

Good Luck!!

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