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Here's my current Wild Discolock.  This is supposed to be a FUN deck - so CRAFT CARDS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!   There are a few good Discolock decks already.  Most of them are Fast or Quest based.  This one is supposed to be Midrange/Control but w/o the quest.   I'm just trying this out at rank 5 for now.  Suggestions are welcome!

Some Card Choices

I believe Malchezaar's Imp, Soulfire, Clutchmother Zavas, Tiny Knight of Evil, Silverware Golem, Reckless Diretroll, Doomguard and prob Soulwarden are core cards for most discolock decks. 

This Deck can draw VERY QUICKLY with Kobold Librarian, Malchezaar's Imp and your hero power.

Bloodreaver Gul'dan - such good late game value, but it may be too slow for this deck.  There are a lot of high mana cost cards already.  I may drop this for something cheaper.

The Soularium - prob not necessary but I think it can help the winrate.

High Priestess Jeklik and Blood-Queen Lana'thel - These cards probably aren't necessary, but they are fun!  I feel High Priestess Jeklik is almost good enough to be core to this deck.    Multiple Taunts w/ Lifesteal can be very good.  And Blood-Queen Lana'thel will usually give you great stats (w/ lifesteal too!)  Both of these cards can help you survive during the late game.



53% through 40 games at ranks 10-5.  I know, small sample size.   High Priestess Jeklik is the worst performing card so far based on played winrate.  It still feels like Blood-Queen Lana'thel has been worse.  Power Overwhelming may be unnecessary, but it feels good to discard when you don't want to lose a better card.  The rest of the cards feel pretty good.  I do like the idea of trying Arch-Villain Rafaam for one of the cards I listed above. I may try Shriek for some AoE removal.  I've already tested with Hellfire and that was bad.

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