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You may be thinking that Darkglare Warlock is the only one who can cheat out big minions like it's nothing. Well, I present to you the OG minion printer - Druid! And what better way to combat those Warlocks than with Ixlid, Fungal Lord! That card is pretty trash for the most part, but in this deck, it's vital to strengthen our boards to contest ones of similar size. This is where Mulchmuncher and Umbral Owl come into play, as their cost will be easily reduced to (0). But without Ixlid, you can clear up to 3 Giants with those cards alone, so you need that meme card to truly beat those.

The rest is spells and Treants to fuel afromentioned cards. Spells are generally useful to contest boards or speed up your win condition, and Treants are your refill tool.

If needed, you can include Mark of the Lotus to buff your assembled board in case you play vs a Darkglare Warlock who runs Wicked Whispers. Or if you're really into Secret Mage hate, grab an Eater of Secrets. Sathrovarr is also amazing to generate tons of minions, but it also costs (9), which disrupts your consistency of Juicy Psychmelon, but it's otherwise a great card.

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