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This is an adaptation of my End of Turn Handbuff Tempo-ish Warrior deck that I made a while back.

Saviors of Uldum has given Taunt Warrior a lot of support that I was not expecting, and I love it!  When Armagedillo was revealed I was ecstatic since the card seems to be practically made for this deck.  Now they've also revealed Into the Fray, Frightened Flunky, and Infested Goblin which are fantastic for Fire Plume's Heart and Handbuffs!

I've gone much heavier on the number of Taunt minions in the deck to maximize Into the Fray and Armagedillo value rather than the limited Taunt pool I had previously used to optimize Stolen Goods.

I have included The Curator to serve as a tutor for Armagedillo since it is the only Beast in the deck.  Cobalt Scalebane fills the Dragon slot and has some strong End of Turn synergy for Drakkari EnchanterColdlight Oracle rounds out the Murloc slot, giving us more card draw. No Sir Finley Mrrgglton this time since we want to get DIE, INSECT! as our Hero Power asap.

I'm looking forward to testing out Target Dummy in the deck since it can lead to some pretty big openers. Going second, you can play Fire Plume's Heart + Coin + Into the Fray + double Target Dummy for two quest ticks and two 2/4 Taunts on turn 1!  You could even play a second Into the Fray instead of the quest to make them 4/6 Taunts on turn 1!

Another underused card I've included is Gnomeregan Infantry who is making a return from my previous iteration of the deck.  Being the only minion in the game with both Charge and Taunt, Gnomeregan Infantry finds a unique home in Handbuff Taunt Warrior since he gets so much impact out of handbuffs.  He can help control the board or just turn all the buffs into some sweet face damage!

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