Moo-Ra-bi Shaman

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Moorabi Card Image Greater Sapphire Spellstone Card Image Highkeeper Ra Card Image

First, you'll need to fully upgrade your Greater Sapphire Spellstone with the plethora of Overload cards in the deck.

Then, assemble at least 5 out 6 of these cards to reduce their cost with Emperor Thaurissan: 2x Frost Shock 2x Mogu Cultist Ancestor's Call and Greater Sapphire Spellstone.

After that, make sure you've drawn Moorabi and whatever the 6th combo piece from step 2 was.

Make sure you've emptied your hand of all non-combo minions, then once you have 10 mana and no overload you're ready to go!

Play both Mogu Cultists first, then play Ancestor's Call to summon Moorabi.  Cast Greater Sapphire Spellstone on Moorabi to get 4 of our great freezey overlord.  After that, all that's left to do is Frost Shock both Mogu Cultists so our wall of Moorabis will add a total of 8 Mogu Cultists to your hand!  Alternatively, you can skip the Mogu Cultists and just take 4 copies of 2 minions of your choosing to assert even more dominance and value the crap out of your opponent.

If the opponent dares to oppose the 4 pieces of Moorabexodia (Honestly summoning four Moorabis should just destroy the opponent since its such a display of dominance.  Uther's four horsemen ain't got nothin' on this frosty boi!) and clears the board, you can play all of the Mogu Cultists and summon Highkeeper Ra! Throwdown your Drakkari Enchanter and watch as your enemies are obliterated with the wrath of 40 suns!

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  • Sgetn's Avatar
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    Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

    Nice meme 10/10

    I don't want to craft Moorabi tho 

  • Pezman's Avatar
    2125 1812 Posts Joined 06/03/2019
    Posted 4 years, 2 months ago

    Well done! A possible use for Moorabi! I opened this loser way back, and have never used him. I would love to see this combo work.


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