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The meta is sharply divided now, even more than normal, between tempo decks (aggro druid, pirate warrior, paladin, shadow priest, face hunter, elemental shaman, quest rogue) and very spell-heavy decks (ramp druid, quest hunter, miracle priest, weapon rogue, burn shaman, OwlTK warlock, questlock).

So I've searched long and hard for a deck that has AoE and spell-hate-tech to hold back the meta decks, while advancing its own board/burn resources enough to get a win condition, and has enough value/draw to be consistent. And I have finally found something that feels strong in my initial matches with it.

Deck Breakdown

Standard Ping Mage Cards

Additional AoE/counter-Tempo

Spell-Hate Tech

Value-Package (including Flurry, included mostly to buff Multicaster)



This version of the deck is 15-1 so far, climbing me from Platinum 3 to Diamond 5, which I'm satisfied with :)

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Card changes 1 year, 6 months ago (Sunken City Pre-Purchase)

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