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Hello Everyone!  Here's what I'm trying for Big Warrior atm.  I may add more BIG minions and/or more small spells.  I think most of you know the deck.  Now, you can Just keep From the Depths and highroll!  Look at my previous Big Warrior to see how the deck works - I kept most of the same cards.

You don't need C'Thun, the Shattered, but I think he can help with the late game.  Plus, you don't have many 5-drops.  If you don't have one or more of the BIG Minions, just put something else in like another Scrapyard Colossus.

If you are going second and you play From the Depths early, try to keep the Coin to use for the card you dredge.  I'll try to update this later.  Good Luck!

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