Quest: Keep an Eye on Elementals, Lazul!

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      Rafaam assigned Lazul to hunt down all Elementals. Although she was displeased because she was looking for Dragons throughout the journey to Uldum, she couldn't find any of them so nothing can be done about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh well, Lazul, time to keep an eye on Elementals under the disguise of Reno Elemental Priest. So that, you can trick them as a good lass to force them join the League of E.V.I.L!



      Lazul hates Elementals because it's weird to find Elementals during the Year of the Dragon, not Year of the Elementals, don't you think?


Zephrys the Great Card ImageSiamat Card Image


      Still though, they look gorgeous. Zephyrs and Siamat will save you out of dire situations for sure...


Servant of Kalimos Card Image

Mana Geode Card ImageLyra the Sunshard Card ImageRadiant Elemental Card Image


      Who should have thought that Priest class has iconic Elementals to play with? Discover them via Servant of Kalimos to have a good taste of them. For example, find Mana Geode to act as if you are playing Odd Paladin. Every heal onto this Geode will swarm the board so glorious that your opponent will be illuminated and feared at the same time for certain...


Ragnaros the Firelord Card ImageBlazecaller Card Image


      Or, even better, greet your opponent by fire! By fire be purged...


Activate the Obelisk Card ImageObelisk's Eye Card Image


     Don't forget to keep an eye on your Elementals with the help of Obelisk's Eye and other cards such as...


Kabal Courier Card Image

Quartz Elemental Card ImageLeyline Manipulator Card ImageTar Lurker Card Image


     To keep them as hostage. Or...


Archmage Vargoth Card Image

Shadow Visions Card ImageUn'Goro Pack Card ImageSpirit Lash Card Image


     Vargoth will unleash his potential by casting these spells as illustrated, especially with Un'Goro Pack to steal the secrets of Elise to find out more Elementals from the past...


Lyra the Sunshard Card ImageRadiant Elemental Card Image


     Always look for Miracles. If not...


Kazakus Card Image


     He will save you, no matter what.



Just ask me right away, I will be there as always. Have fun in Wild format!

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    24k worth of dust deck list ; that's wild! ^^

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      Worth the idea, worth the dust 😄

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        I'm looking forward to test it out 👍



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