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"Grandmaster Paladin" - March of the Lich King achievement hunting deck


The goal of this deck is to offer an option for players who want to get the Quick Rommaths Mage achievement, but do not own its key card, Grand Magister Rommath.

Overall, the achievements of the Lich King expansion seem to be far easier than the previous sets. Many of the cards can be discovered with the numerous spell discover options, or using Amalgam of the Deep. However, there are trickier ones, like Quick Rommaths.


To get the achievement, you have to play 15 (or more) spells wich did not start in your deck, then play Rommath, who will recast them.

The cards in the deck can be divided into groups with certain roles.


1. Spell generating tools: Pandaren Importer, Venomous Scorpid, Vulpera Scoundrel, Muckborn Servant, Battle Vicar, Blessed Goods, and The Sunwell.

Their goal is to generate the spells Rommath will be able to recast. The Legendary Invitations generated by The Countess (see below) will count as well, so you will need only 12, or even as few as 9 spells. Since you will draw almost all of them if the combo works, this should not be a problem.


2. Combo tools

Their role is to discover Grand Magister Rommath with the highest possibile chance. You should primarily mulligan for these elements, especially Order in the Court. (If you can't, aim for the 1st group, with priority on one Blessed Goods at most, and neutral ones.) Play Order in the Court as soon as you can. This way, you will first draw The Sunwell, then The Countess, then your 3-mana spell generators, along with Brann Bronzebeard, Zola the Gorgon, and a few Paladin cards. To make Countess work, you have to draw all your neutral cards before playing it. For turn 10-12, your chance will almost certainly come. Play Brann Bronzebeard into The Countess to get 6 copies of Legendary Invitations - and don't forget to make room in your hand! Zola is there to improve your chances by copying The Countess - if Brann is still on the board, well, the more the merrier.

Even if you don't get Rommath from an Invitation, be wise what else you choose. Commander Sivara, if not discovered last, can re-add some Invitations to your hand; Cera'thine Fleetrunner can serve as a last resort. Heal/armor/lifesteal can help you survive if needed. But your main problem - if not struggling against an aggressive opponent, though the deck should mostly keep you alive -, will be clogging your own board, with no place to put down Rommath. So choose low health legendaries (die easily), or ones with direct damage battlecry to self-trade your other minions. To mitigate this problem, pay attention during the run, and try to buff your minions moderately.


3. Survival tools / low-cost filler Paladin cards

All other cards not mentioned above. Thier main role is to help you stay alive, while let The Countess do its job as well. Thus, they should cost maximum 3 mana, and must be all Paladin cards. (The balance between the groups were not easy to find. For example, frist I tried to use Nerubian Vizier instead of Alliance Bannerman, but in the end a bit more draw, moderate buff and less Neutrals to thow out proved to be more useful against already-more-than-enough spell discover.)


So, to sum up the strategy: play Order in the Court a.s.a.p., draw your combo tools, purge out your neutrals while discovering/playing spells and stay alive, play Brann Bronzebeard into The Countess, discover Grand Magister Rommath with Legendary Invitations, count your spells, and play Rommath when you have all 15.

It can be a bit grindy and frustrating, but certainly doable.


Good luck, and have fun!

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