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Ive been playing the tempo mage that many streamers are trying out. There are many different variations, some don't use Ragnaros the Firelord or Emperor Thaurissan. some even use Siamat and/orArchmage Antonidas.


I for one have notice 2 problems: first as expected its very weak vs aggro, even if some use doomsayer etc. I haven't seen anybody use Flame Ward which seems criminal not to specially cause it can be reduced to 0 with Ancient Mysteries and thus becoming another great spell to use on your combo turn.

This brings me to another thing that many have already discussed. This ain't an aggro or tempo deck. you don't slam down minions just for the body. This is a combo Miracle deck that waits for the nasty turn that tries to otk the opponent.

Only Rag and Mountain Giant can be played for their body. Of course Rag is very useful against control decks as u try to play  him on an empty enemy board or against a big minion, and so is Giant tho this one is more to dump a card from your hand since we usually end up with a full hand. Moreover you can get some random spells like Conjurer's Calling and we can use it on the Giant tho its a very fringe play. You cant replace Giant with Antonidas of course but I've tried both and Antonidas just sits still vs any other deck but control while Giant can just be played for tempo.

Be careful when to use the Emperor Thaurissan . we want him to discount some stuff that is crucial for our big combo turn.

Disclaimer, if you are playing vs control you might wanna try and hold off your power turn. Ive seen this deck OTK ppl on turn 6 but that is a very rare play and you do not need to go in so soon vs control. of course you always want to go all in before turn 10 if you're facing Nzoth decks, but even then, as long as you have 2 [Hearthstone Card (Flamewakers) Not Found] and at least a sorcerer discounted by the Emperor then you are about to have a power turn counting that you have enough spells for it.

All and all i say that Flame Ward has been winning me games after games since even vs midrange decks if you dont find ur combo pieces in time which are of course Mana Cyclone , Elemental Evocation , Flamewakerand Sorcerer's Apprentice you are gonna have a hard time.

Final note, you can win games by managing Stargazer Luna turn that can even be used during the combo turn provided that she's discounted by Emperor and of course if you have time wait until you have the bananas as they will give you enough gas to OTK the opponent.

Very hard deck to pilot but very rewarding when it pulls off, tho i reckon this may be considered a cancer deck that resembles the Raza machine gun priest. However its win-rate shouldn't be has high although i think there's a lot of potential here and I'm sure some pro deck builder will in time build a refined version that makes this deck at least a tier 2 deck but i think there's tier 1 potential somewhere in here.

Have fun, Cheers!

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