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Ever since the introduction of the rewards track, each expansion has always brought us a handful of achievements to complete in order to gain more rewards: while some of them are relatively easy to complete, some others may take some time or a proper set up. In case you're wondering what's the best way to gain all that sweet sweet XP locked behind Voyage To The Sunken City's achievements, do not fret, as we have the answer you're looking for!

In this guide we'll focus our attention on the Sunken City Demon Hunter achievements and provide at least one way to complete each of them so that you'll be able to get closer to the end of your reward track.

Novelty: starting from the Voyage To The Sunken City Achievement Guides, we're introducing the Related Achievements criterion, which basically goes to show if a certain achievement has a strong relation with another one (be it from the same class or from the Neutral section), and therefore if they are beneficial for each other from the completion point of view. All in all, it says if you can hit two (or more) birds with a single stone!

Disclaimer: as always, all expansion achievements can be completed in Ranked Standard, Ranked Wild, Arena, Casual & Heroic Duels and Classic - Casual Standard, Casual Wild and Tavern Brawl will not count towards your hunt! Moreover, we'll always take Ranked Standard as the default game format for our strategies: if we happen to have some strategies or particular interactions belonging to other modes to highlight, we'll be sure to specify it.

Here are all the achievements we're going to complete together:

  1. Scaling Scales - Play a Murloc with 10 Attack as Warlock.
  2. #@*&%! - Deal 50/150/450 damage with Abyssal Curses.
  3. 75 Course Meal - Permanently destroy 75 minions in Gigafin.
  4. We DID Start the FireIncinerate 15/30 cards with Immolate.

Sunken City Warlock Achievements Overview

Warlock is another class that isn't doing particularly great in the Sunken City achievement hunt: with the exception of Scaling Scales, Gul'Dan's achievements are likely to take you quite some time in order for you to complete them, and chances are that you won't particularly enjoy spending that much time doing so, as both Murloc and Curse Warlock as rather underwhelming strategy (at least right now, in mid-April 2022).

Edit: guide updated with the Throne of the Tides Mini-Set achievements.

How to Complete the "Scaling Scales" Warlock Achievement

Easiest Warlock achievement this time around, and there's a multitude of ways to complete it. If you want to get Scaling Scales done as you normally play a game of Hearthstone, then Murloc Warlock is what you should look forward to.

  • Play the game without stressing too much about the achievement, and you'll get there earlier than you think.
  • Chum Bucket is obviously going to be the MVP.

On the other hand, if you want to complete Scaling Scales in the fastest possible way, then there's a Wild trick we showcased in the Pre-Launch Achievement Hunting Guide for Voyage To The Sunken City revolving around Circus Amalgam and all the tribal synergies that support it.

Your goal? Try to find Circus Amalgam in the mulligan and keep buffing it as you draw through your deck. Here are a few inclusions that will help us in bringing Amalgam's attack to 10:

  • Tasty Flyfish - Circus Amalgam is the only Dragon in your deck, so Flyfish's Deathrattle is guaranteed to land on the Amalgam, as long as you have it in hand.
  • Murloc Tastyfin - Not a buff card, but it draws either itself, Flyfish or Amalgam, allowing you to find your key components in less time.
  • Soul Infusion - Remember when this card in combination with Doubling Imp was the real deal? Make sure to have Circus Amalgam as your left-most unit and you're guaranteed 1/3 of the whole buff you need.

How to Complete the "#@*&%!" Warlock Achievement

Oh boy, here's a slow achievement for you. Curse Warlock has been one of the most underwhelming Voyage To The Sunken City archetypes so far, with every card looking approximately 1 mana more expensive than what feels right. If you keep this in mind, it is reasonable to understand why the deck hasn't performed that well so far.

In situations like this, we think the best solution is giving priority to quantity over quality, including as many Abyssal Curse generators as possible, as well as bouncers and additional sources of value like Queen Azshara's Ring of Tides, Brann Bronzebeard and Tamsin Roame.

How to Complete the "75 Course Meal" Warlock Achievement

Another very slow and clunky achievement for Warlock, and for multiple reasons:

  • Murloc Warlock is a fast-paced archetype, and an 8-Cost Twisting Nether-like effect does not contribute to the deck's gameplan.
  • Warlock currently doesn't have any Control deck available.
  • 8 mana is a lot, and you always need to combine Gigafin with something like Grimoire of Sacrifice in order to ensure that the eaten minions stay in Gigafin's belly.
  • You need your opponent to actually have a board you can wipe out, but at the same time you have to make sure you don't die in the meantime.
  • Not only you need to play Gigafin, but you also need to make sure that Gigafin's Maw will die for good.

All in all, the plan is simple:

  1. stall, stall and stall until you get to the late game.
  2. Play Gigafin and destroy Gigafin's Maw.
  3. Rinse and repeat.

75 minions to eat and digest are quite a lot, but try to aim at a board with 3/4 enemy minions being available - being too greedy is not going to play in your favor.

How to Complete the "We DID Start the Fire" Warlock Achievement

  • Requirement: Incinerate 15/30 cards with Immolate.
  • Speed Rating: 3/5
  • Related Achievements: none.

Although 30 cards aren't that many, the 3 turns of waiting make We DID Start the Fire a bit annoying, as you might bump into situations where you put a lot of effort into setting up Immolate only for your opponent to play Sir Finley, Sea Guide one turn before the cards will burn or to just kill you in the meantime.

Even with this to keep in mind, we want you to focus on the fact that 30 cards are an acceptable goal, so you should be able to complete We DID Start the Fire without losing your mind over it.

We think that a trick to make your opponents discard more cards is to hinder them as much as possible: make them draw additional cards, add stuff to their hands, make their cards more expensive! Both Standard and Wild have the means to do so: therefore, we'll provide a deck for each format. The Standard list is focused on Abyssal Curses.

As for Wild, there are many more disruption tool over there, so your life will be a tad easier.

Other Resources

In case you're still deep in your achievement hunt, worry not: we prepared a guide for each class (and neutrals!) for you to take inspiration from, so that you'll be able to complete them in no time for those sweet sweet XP points.

Our clever community members set up a forum thread to share your achievement progression journey, and we have added an #achievements channel on our Discord server if you want to talk with others in real-time. If you need an assist, you can also respond to this guide and we'll do our best to help you out; the comments are also a great way to share your own decks that you've used to complete the achievements above.

Good luck tackling any of these achievements for your experience boost or just for the sake of satisfying completion!