We're getting a new balance patch for Hearthstone early next week and its going to be hitting 10 different cards including many changes to Demon Hunter.

Within these 10 card changes, 9 of the changes are nerfs and 1 is a buff to Libram of Justice. We don't yet know what the changes will be, but this is the hardest a single class has ever been hit upon the release of the new expansion. We can give Blizzard a pass on that though, it's good to see them quickly reacting to their new class.

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The second Ashes of Outland balance patch is planned for early next week. Looking to make changes to Battlefiend, Altruis the Outcast, Glaivebound Adept, Kael'thas Sunstrider, Bad Luck Albatross, Frenzied Felwing, Open the Waygate, Bloodbloom, and Sacrificial Pact. Details will come later on official channels.

This update will also include a buff to Libram of Justice and a nerf to Millhouse in BG. We'll continue to monitor live game data and player feedback and make any further changes as necessary.

Upcoming Card Nerfs

How do you think these cards will be changed?

Battlefiend Card Image Altruis the Outcast Card Image Glaivebound Adept Card Image

Kael'thas Sunstrider Card Image Bad Luck Albatross Card Image Frenzied Felwing Card Image

Open the Waygate Card Image Bloodbloom Card Image Sacrificial Pact Card Image

Upcoming Card Buffs

Could we see a cost reduction on Libram of Justice?

Libram of Justice Card Image