All the cards have been revealed, and a ton of decks have been theorycrafted. We're all set for Scholomance Academy and all that's left to do is to bid farewell to the Outland meta with some community created Wild decks.

Pirate Paladin

Watermelon86's list aims to create multiple copies of Val'anyr, and what could be the better time to do that than now, as the weapons got the new fancy borders. Pirates form the perfect core for a deck that aims to utilize weapons and be aggressive.

If you're not sold on Pirates, check out Watermelon86's Corpsetaker Handbuff Paladin.

Control Mage

SwaguarTV shared some perfectly meme-y decks to spend those final days before expansion. This Mage list is all about cheating mana with Bright-Eyed Scout and Tentacled Menace. Results may vary.

Huh, your Pirates are Evolving? Just another Swaguar deck to brighten up your day.

Even Shaman

If you're looking to make a fast climb before the meta shifts, here's a proven Totemic list from Thonson. You can read more about his adventures to Legend here.

Fatigue Warrior

If you're a fan of slow goodbyes, this deck from KmemBM isn't in a rush. Build a wall of Taunts and resummon it again and again with [Hearthstone Card (N'Zoth the Corruptor) Not Found] copied by Dead Man's Hand.

Deck ID Not Found

Libram Anyfin Paladin

killanator6000 went there and combined the power of Murlocs with the Outlandish Libram mechanic to Tip the Scales in Uther's favor.

If OTK combos aren't your cup of tea, here's an honest Reno Mage from the same author.

Looking to enter the Wild world of Outland? Take a look at these decks.

Came up with something Outlandish yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!