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Happy Halloween! 

It's that special time of the year again: Spooky ghosts and frightening monsters haunt the streets, tiny tricksters hide behind every corner for their next unsuspecting victim, and houses are decorated by candlelit grimaces on carved pumpkins, bringing terror and joy to everyone passing by. Truly, a night like none other!

Even the Card Game Community enjoys and celebrates this special time, whether be it through in-game events, like Hearthstone's Hallows End, taking part in our Oozefest, or, as you might have guessed, creating some awesome Art!

So, without any further ado, why don't we take a look at some of the scariest Fan Art that Hearthstone has to offer?

Forest Shaman


Hidden in the darkness of the woods, you'll find Matheus Farias' Forest Shaman cooking up a most devious Witcher's Brew.
Infused with terrible tonics and powerful potions, his mixture surely will bring doom to anyone foolish enough to take even the tiniest sip.


The evil master at his work.
Don't step to close, or else you might end up as another ingredient for this sinister soup.


See how the pot bubbles and overflows!
Entranced by the mysterious smell and colorful haze, you dare to take a little swig...


Oh, Waldmeister!



Working in the fields around these times can be an extremely exhausting task for body and soul, but also your nerves might be put to the test,
when you'll have to deal with squashy troublemakers, like Sergio Strano's Pumpkinhead.


Though they're a common plague to travelers and farmers alike, little is known about these chaotic creatures.
Did someone create them? Are they possessed Pumpkins? Why do they look like a Murlocs!?


Watch out! This one is as terrifying as he is adorable!

Grave Thief


Near the village lies an old cemetery, filled with the bodies of the dead and the riches buried along with them.
It is there, where you'll hear Gabriel Rubio's Grave Thief swinging his shovel.


You better don't disturb him during his dirty deed.
He might seem meek, but who knows what someone with such a twisted smile might be capable of.


Looks like you've made a grave mistake!

Rothide Graverobbers


Apparently there's even more malevolent miscreants disturbing the silent sleep of the dead during this unholy night.
Down a long forgotten travel route, you can see Jeff Chen's Rothide Graverobbers carrying their newfound loot to their forest hideout.


One can only imagine what sick minds hide behind these ghastly glowing eyes.
They're truly as rotten and foul as the carcasses they claim!


They say "Give a dog a bone", but this definitely goes to far!

Swampy Worgen


What would a night of terrors be without a visit to swamp, far away from civilization?
There, within its twisted trails and unnatural undergrowth, you'll find the home of Marc Escachx's Worgen.


Lurking between the defiled branches and corrupted waters, patiently waiting for unlucky trespassers...
One can only wonder what dark fantasies hide under his shady hood.


"What are you doing in my swamp?!"

The Artists

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And that's about it!
Thanks for joining us during this spookiest of all nights. We hope hope you weren't too scared by all this terrifyingly great artwork!

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