An early Happy New Year from me! I give you my heartfelt wishes that you live in completely mundane times next year - after the last couple years I could really do with just the most average, meandering year for this next one. Of course, a year like that can be filled with little joys and experiences, of which I'd hope Hearthstone continues to be one.

Conversation this time wraps up the year - or at least directs you to someone who has!

Raising Hell

One of two competitions last week, the WCDC was won by BloodMefist and their Fel Herald. Congratulations!

They'll be in charge of next week's theme, so look forward to that!

A Star Is Born

We also had our festive competition running last week, and quite fittingly for the season of giving we had two winners!

Congratulations to DatMageDoe and The Abominable Greench...

...and also to Wailor and their Pandaren Giftgiver!

Spotlight Rewind

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Fan Creations part of the site over the past year. We absolutely wouldn't be anything without all your creative minds coming together, discussing and iterating until you come up with some absolutely amazing ideas. It's a joy to see familiar faces competing in the weekly competitions, and equally it's always a pleasure when somebody new shows up and blows us all away with a fresh idea.

Of course, the Weekly Card Design Competition is just the part of the Fan Creations community that I maintain. We also have the wonderful Fan Community Spotlight run by Demonxz95, and the latest edition is a wonderful retrospective on the year in Fan Creations on the site. Demon doesn't even restrict it to just Hearthstone, as there have been very interesting Runeterra sets shown off as well.

Make sure you click through to see just how much has gone on in the past year. Here's hoping next year is filled with just as much creativity!

Sweet Dreams

Of course, we're still running the current WCDC Season. The latest competition will be a dream come true for some of you, and an absolute nightmare for others. Click the banner to find out what side of the debate you fall on!