Hearthstone Duels combines a large variety of sets with a multitude of playable characters and Passive Treasures. Such an overabundance of variances makes it so that the balance may shift rapidly, with new strategies emerging and countering others every time new synergies are discovered - what looks strong today might appear obsolete after just a few days! For this reason, players are asked to adapt to a rather changing environment, and they never fail to come up with fresh and interesting takes!

With this being said, below you'll find a handful of 12-win decks achieved with multiple classes: while some of them represent well-known archetypes, other are successful experimentations of off-meta strategies, which may give you the inspiration you need to build one yourself. Have fun!

In case you missed them, we have published other collections of 12-win Duels starting decks to take inspiration from!

Disclaimer: Some decks in this article were collected from Firestone. You can find out more about Firestone and install the app here!

If you've had 12 win luck in Duels, be sure to add your starting decks to our site via the deckbuilder and share them in the comments below! Moreover, if you manage to find even more 12-wins decks (maybe even your own!) and you'd like us to showcase them, please contact us on Twitter at @Avalon_OOC or through an in-site ping in Private Message.

Firestone - 12 Wins Rush Crowley

Although there are no new cards and, as predicted, this Hero has a rather low power level, the one you see below seems to be the most reliable starting deck for you to have good results with Darius Crowley: Rush synergy is really strong right now!

Passive Treasures Chosen

Fire Away! Card Image Safe Harbor Card Image

Firestone - 12 Wins Relic Demon Hunter

Relics are yet to leave a mark in Standard, but in the meantime you can try to achieve greatness in Duels! The starting deck you see below combines a token package with Sire Denathrius on top (plus the Relic cards), which will give you a sustainable gameplan while you build up towards your win condition.

Passive Treasures Chosen

Illidari Strike Card Image Gift of the Legion Card Image

Firestone - 12 Wins Nature Token Druid

Another starting deck that aims to capitalize on Sire Denathrius, this Token build combines Druid's ramp package with Malfurion's ability to generate small units in multiple ways, while also putting Topior the Shrubbagazzor in the spotlight. The player went with Iron Roots as tier 2 Passive Treasure, but we are positive that Spreading Saplings would be a superior pick.

Passive Treasures Chosen

Invigorating Bloom Card Image Marvelous Mycelium Card Image

Firestone - 12 Wins Miracle Elise

An update on the Miracle Elise archetype, which aims to build up to large turns and then... blast with the help of all those Moonfires and some nice Spell Damage from Guild Trader. All in all, we're intrigued by the Naga package, which may bring you some Serpent Wigs down the road for additional Starseeker triggers.

Passive Treasures Chosen

Starseeker Card Image Starseeker's Tools Card Image

LessThanThree's 12 Wins Wildseed Hunter

If you're looking for a way to play the new Wildseed cards in Duels, then you may be interested in this starting deck. While Tundra Rhino allows for some surprise lethals, the Secret package gives you additional value thanks to the Savage Secrets Hero Power; however, LessThanThree stated that Survival Training may be more compatible with the archetype.

Passive Treasures Chosen

Savage Secrets Card Image Stalking Pride Card Image

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