Blizzard has unveiled details on Voyage to the Sunken City's rewards track, diamond cards, and new cosmetic coins! This is a huge post so if you're looking for something specific, we've got a handy table of contents for you.

Voyage to the Sunken City Tavern Pass

The Tavern Pass has a ton of content on it this time around, building on the new additions for Battlegrounds and Mercenaries that we saw in the Alterac Valley version. This is a paid upgrade to the base Rewards Track.

Quote From Blizzard

With the launch of Voyage to the Sunken City, a new Tavern Pass will be made available for purchase, offering a sea of brand-new cosmetic rewards and XP boosts.

Purchasing the Tavern Pass at any point during the expansion will immediately grant the Diamond Sir Finley, Sea Guide Legendary minion, a 10% XP Boost that lasts for the rest of the duration of the expansion, and all other items up to your current level on the paid track. As you progress with the Tavern Pass during the Voyage to the Sunken City expansion, you can earn additional XP Boosts, the uncraftable Golden Blademaster Okani Legendary minion, the Ambassador Faelin hero skin and card back, three Murky Mercenary Portraits, a new Battlegrounds Bartender, six Battlegrounds hero skins, eleven Hearthstone hero skins, and a new cosmetic coin.

As a reminder, Battlegrounds Perks are now available as a standalone purchase, separate from the Tavern Pass. The free Rewards Track, the paid Tavern Pass, and Battlegrounds Perks, if purchased, all last until the end of the Voyage to the Sunken City expansion cycle.

Voyage to the Sunken City Diamond Cards

Two cards are once again getting the Diamond treatment with Voyage to the Sunken City. 

Additionally, Diamond Commander Sivara will get easier to earn once the 35-Card Mini-set drops in the coming months.

Voyage to the Sunken City New Coins

We're getting two new Sunken City coins with the expansion.

  • Sunken Coin - Earned by completing 90 levels of the Rewards Track. (Requires paid Tavern Pass)
  • Zin-Azshari Coin - Earned by collecting 135 unique Voyage to the Sunken City cards.

Additionally, the Zin-Azshari coin will get easier to earn once the 35-Card Mini-set drops in the coming months.

Voyage to the Sunken City Rewards Track

Quote From Blizzard

It’s almost time to dive into a new Rewards Track! When the Rewards Track refreshes with the Voyage to the Sunken City launch, all players will automatically be granted any unclaimed rewards on both the free Rewards Track and the Tavern Pass track (if purchased), and a completely new Voyage to the Sunken City Rewards Track of unlockable treasure will take its place.

Fractured in Alterac Valley Achievements will stop awarding XP with the launch of Patch 23.0 on April 5 whereas the Rewards Track will swap over with the launch of Voyage to the Sunken City on April 12.

The free Rewards Track for Voyage to the Sunken City will include packs from Voyage to the Sunken City, Standard packs, Tavern Tickets, a random Epic card, two random Legendary cards, a Murky Epic Mercenary Card, a Sunken City card back, and a lot of Gold! There are also 14 Golden cards* and the Ambassador Faelin Legendary minion, from the set. For finishing the Rewards Track, you’ll get to choose from one of 10 returning Hero Skins.

Two copies each of seven different cards from the set. The free Rewards Track copies of Ambassador Faelin and the 14 Golden cards are uncraftable and can’t be disenchanted. 

LevelXP to level>Cumulative XPFree TrackTavern Pass
100Ambassador Faelin (Uncraftable), Murky Epic Mercenary10% XP Boost, Sir Finley Diamond Card
210010050 GoldMurky Mercenary Tier 1 (Golden Merc Skin)
3100200Sunken City PackHarth Battlegrounds Bartender Skin
41503502 x Tuskarr Trawler (Golden Uncraftable Common)Faelin Card Back
5150500Sunken City PackShipwrecked Magni (Warrior) Skin
62257252 x Treasure Guard (Golden Uncraftable Common) 
722595050 Gold 
830012502 x Baba Naga (Golden Uncraftable Common) 
93001550Sunken City Pack 
103251875Random Epic CardDeepsea Morgl (Shaman) Skin
11325220050 Gold 
12350255050 Gold 
133502900Vicious Slitherspear (Golden Uncraftable Rare) 
14375327550 Gold 
153753650Sunken City Card BackSea Dryad Lunara (Druid) Skin
16400405050 Gold 
17400445050 Gold 
184254875Standard Pack 
19425530050 Gold 
204505750Random Legendary Card15% XP Boost, Battlegrounds Hero Skin - Sea Guide Finley
21450620050 Gold 
22550675050 Gold 
236007350Crushclaw Enforcer (Golden Uncraftable Rare)  
24650800050 Gold 
256758675Standard PackGolden Legendary (Uncraftable) - Blademaster Okani
26675935050 Gold 
278751022550 Gold 
2887511100Mothership (Golden Uncraftable Rare) 
2910001210050 Gold 
30110013200Tavern TicketMurky Mercenary Tier 2 (Golden Merc Skin)
3112001440050 Gold 
3212001560050 Gold 
33125016850Vicious Slitherspear (Golden Uncraftable Rare) 
3412501810050 Gold 
35130019400Standard PackMariner Maiev (Rogue) Skin
3613002070050 Gold 
3713502205050 Gold 
38135023400Crushclaw Enforcer (Golden Uncraftable Rare) 
3914002480050 Gold 
40140026200Standard PackNavigator Khadgar (Mage) Skin
4114502765050 Gold 
4214502910050 Gold 
43150030600Mothership (Golden Uncraftable Rare) 
4415003210050 Gold 
45155033650Tavern TicketAdmiral Liadrin (Paladin) Skin
4615503520050 Gold 
4716003680050 Gold 
48160038400Standard PackBattlegrounds Hero Skin - Flowmancer Flurgl
49165040050Tavern Ticket 
50165041700Random Legendary CardAmbassador Faelin (Druid) Skin
51170043,40075 Gold 
52170045,10075 Gold 
53175046,85075 Gold 
54175048,60075 Gold 
55180050,400Standard PackBattlegrounds Hero Skin - Submarine Sneed
56180052,20075 Gold 
57185054,05075 Gold 
58185055,90075 Gold 
59190057,80075 Gold 
60190059,700Standard PackDiver Nemsy (Warlock) Skin
61195061,65075 Gold 
62195063,60075 Gold 
63200065,60075 Gold 
64200067,60075 Gold 
65205069,650School Teacher (Golden Uncraftable Epic)Handmaiden Tyrande (Priest) Skin 
66205071,70075 Gold 
67212573,82575 Gold 
68212575,95075 Gold 
69225078,20075 Gold 
70225080,450Standard Pack20% XP Boost, Battlegrounds Hero Skin - Coral Keeper Omu
71237582,82575 Gold 
72237585,20075 Gold 
73250087,70075 Gold 
74250090,20075 Gold 
75250092,700School Teacher (Golden Uncraftable Epic)Murky Mercenary Tier 3 (Golden Merc Skin)
76250095,200100 Gold 
77250097,700100 Gold 
782500100,200100 Gold 
792500102,700100 Gold 
802500105,200100 GoldBattlegrounds Hero Skin - George the Sunken
812500107,700100 Gold 
822500110,200100 Gold 
832500112,700100 Gold 
842500115,200100 Gold 
852500117,700100 GoldBattlegrounds Hero Skin - Edwin VanReef
862500120,200100 Gold 
872500122,700100 Gold 
882500125,200100 Gold 
892500127,700100 Gold 
902500130,200150 GoldSunken Cosmetic Coin 
912500132,700150 Gold 
922500135,200150 Gold 
932500137,700150 Gold 
942500140,200150 Gold 
952500142,700150 GoldBattlegrounds Hero Skin - Alexstrasza, Sea Dragon Queen
962500145,200150 Gold 
972500147,700150 Gold 
982500150,200150 GoldBattlegrounds Hero Skin - Abyssal Volcano Ragnaros
992500152,700150 Gold 
1002500155,200Hero Skin ChoiceNaga Sylvanas (Hunter), Nighborne Arianna (Demon Hunter), Kaldorei Vashj (Shaman) Hero Skins
101-1301325-1475[…]50 Gold 
131-4001500602,20050 Gold 

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