PC Gamer reports that we could be seeing a nerf to Mogu Fleshshaper some time after Descent of Dragons is released.

Mogu Fleshshaper Card Image

Quote From Alec Dawson

I think with Shaman currently, there's some gameplay patterns that we aren't the most happy with, I think when you do have an eight-Mana minion that you evolved [from] a Mogu Fleshshaper on turn four, that's not a healthy gameplay pattern. I think that's going to be a card going into Descent of Dragons that we're definitely going to keep an eye on.

I think when it comes to some of these effects that cheat Mana and do things like that early on, that's something that we're looking at as a team and we're making sure that these effects aren't ruining your gameplay experience. So, we are definitely aware of it, and we're definitely going to be keeping our eye on a few cards going into the next expansion to see how their power level shakes out.