Signature cards are one of the most relevant novelties for the upcoming March of the Lich King expansion: as previously covered in our dedicated article, they represent a totally new cosmetic avenue for collectible cards. Here is the most important information regarding them:

  • For March of the Lich King, all Signature cards look icy.
    • However, their style will change in the future based on the expansion's theme.
  • Signature cards feature alternative card arts.
  • Signature cards can’t be crafted, nor can they be disenchanted.
  • There is some overlap between certain Diamond and Signature cards.
  • They can only be found in packs or earned through special means (as part of seasonal events, promotions and shop bundles).
    • If you want to find them in regular packs, you'll have a 1 in 181 chance to open one! Special Golden Signature packs will exist. 
  • March of the Lich King will debut with 18 Signature cards, 15 of them being of Legendary quality.
  • Signature cards will benefit from the new Improved Duplicate Protection.
    • If you obtain a card you already own a disenchantable lower quality version of, the game will ask you to re-roll the lower quality for another card of the same rarity, quality and set.
    • Example: if you unpack a Signature Alexandros Mograine while already owning its regular version, you'll be asked if you want to trade the regular Mograine for another random March of the Lich King Legendary you don't own yet.

All Upcoming Signature Cards - Regular & Alternative Versions

In case you'd like to take a look at all of the new Signature cards coming for March of the Lich King (and Path of Arthas in a single instance), make sure to keep scrolling, as we have them displayed in the same place.

  • Every Signature card is sorted by class, so that you'll have less trouble telling them apart.
  • Every class has received a Signature Legendary - Mage got a Rare as well in Arcsplitter!
  • We showcased the "regular" version of the card next to the Signature quality one, so that you'll be better able to appreciate the differences!


Lady Deathwhisper Signature Card Image Lady Deathwhisper Card Image Alexandros Mograine Signature Card Image Alexandros Mograine Card Image

Lord Marrowgar Signature Card Image Lord Marrowgar Card Image


Felerin, the Forgotten Signature Card Image Felerin, the Forgotten Card Image


Anub'Rekhan Signature Card Image Anub'Rekhan Card Image


Halduron Brightwing Signature Card Image Halduron Brightwing Card Image


Grand Magister Rommath Signature Card Image Grand Magister Rommath Card Image Arcsplitter Signature Card Image Arcsplitter Card Image


Blood Matriarch Liadrin Signature Card Image Blood Matriarch Liadrin Card Image


High Cultist Basaleph Signature Card Image High Cultist Basaleph Card Image


Potionmaster Putricide Signature Card Image Potionmaster Putricide Card Image


Overlord Drakuru Signature Card Image Overlord Drakuru Card Image


Dar'Khan Drathir Signature Card Image Dar'Khan Drathir Card Image


Asvedon, the Grandshield Signature Card Image Asvedon, the Grandshield Card Image


Invincible Signature Card Image Invincible Card Image Lor'themar Theron Signature Card Image Lor'themar Theron Card Image

Infectious Ghoul Signature Card Image Infectious Ghoul Card Image Shatterskin Gargoyle Signature Card Image Shatterskin Gargoyle Card Image

How to Make Signature Cards Appear in Your Comments

Now that the site successfully features Signature cards, our readers might ask: How do you make them appear in the comments? The answer is quite simple!

Use the usual [card] or [cardimg] bbcodes and add a "signature" argument ("sig" should also work), like this:


  • [cardimg signature]Alexandros Mograine[/cardimg] will give you Alexandros Mograine Signature Card Image

What do you think of these Signature cards? Is there one you'd love to open from your packs? Share your opinions and wishes with us in the comments!