This week we got some new constructed skins...and not much more. That doesn't mean, however, that the shop would be empty, quite the contrary. Let's take a look at what we have in store this week, literally.


Hearthstone has a new currency that can be used to buy everything available in the in-game shop. If you want a reminder about their pricing, check out the table below.


You can find monetary conversions of the Runestones to selected currencies below:


As you may have noticed, the biggest bundles aren't actually the cheapest option to obtain Runestones. While the prices of USD/EUR bundles aren't radically different, in GBP you'd be losing a relatively high amount of money if you bought anything but the cheapest bundle. We've bolded the best deals in each currency in the table above for your convenience.

Constructed Offers

Hero Skin Bundles

Let's start with the new stuff this time around. The latest update added two new skin bundles to the store, one for Warlock (Mal'Ganis) and one for Priest (Whitemane). Both include 5 Class packs for the respective classes and come with a price tag of $9.99 or 1000 Runestones, just like the Edwin skin that still remains in the shop as well.

Mal'Ganis Card Image Sally Whitemane Card Image Edwin the Renegade Card Image

The Legendary 3D skin for Sylvanas is also still available. In addition to the portrait, the bundle contains 5 Hunter class packs and costs $24.99 or 2500 Runestones.

Sylvanas, Ranger General Card Image

In case you're curious, a Legendary Hero Skin consists of:

  • A fully 3D animated portrait that responds to in-game actions with special animations (such as attacking, playing minions, casting spells and emoting).
  • A unique hero tray, more gilded than ever before.
  • New voicelines.

On the topic of Legendary Skins, the Hearthstone team also had this information to share on their forums. Perhaps it's applicable to some of you: 

Quote From Blizzard

Hello all,

We’ve recently updated the product description on the Sylvanas Ranger General Legendary Bundle and we wanted to clarify that change.

Some (non-3D) premium Hero Skins are intended to include unique hero power VFX. For the new Legendary (3D) Hero Skins, we wanted the focus to be on the 3D hero model, so the hero portrait has a special animation when you use your hero power, instead. It was brought to our attention that the wording of the Legendary Hero Skin descriptions made it sound like Legendary Hero Skins would have both, so we corrected that wording to make the product description clearer.

This change applies to both the Arthas Menethil Bundle and the Sylvanas Ranger General Legendary Bundle. Customer Service will handle refunds for anybody who purchased these bundles prior to this clarification and wants a refund due to the change.

Tavern Pass Cosmetics

New expansion comes with a new Tavern Pass for the fresh March of the Lich King Rewards Track. The usual price of 2000 Runestones or $19.99 will get you three XP boosts, 3 Chromie Mercenary Portraits, Diamond Grand Magister Rommath as well as the other cosmetics listed within the dropdown section below.

Tavern Pass Cosmetics

The Coin Card Image

Lady Deathwhisper Signature Card Image Lord Marrowgar Signature Card Image

Darion Mograine Card Image Aranna the Runeseeker Card Image Hamuul Runeblade Card Image Deathkeeper Alleria Card Image

Runemage Khadgar Card Image Fallen Yrel Card Image Redeemer Tyrande Card Image Ebon Assassin Garona Card Image

Scourgeslayer Vashj Card Image Dreadsteed Tamsin Card Image Annhylde, Deathcaller Card Image

Path of Arthas Set

With the launch of Death Knights, a new class card package similar to the Demon Hunter Initiate Set was also released. Except it's purchasable, just like all the expansion Mini-Sets of the past couple years. These cards can still be acquired as a part of the Mega Bundle Pre-order, be separately crafted, or bought as a whole through either normal or all-golden offer:

  • Golden Set: 7000 Runestones or $69.99 (comes with Diamond Lady Deathwhisper).
  • Regular Set: 2000 Gold or 1500 Runestones ($14.99).
  • You can view all Path of Arthas cards here

Pack & Diamond Card Bundles

For packs, we have plenty of deals available: the same ones that we had on previous weeks. The one that should interest everyone is A Holiday Special!, which will give you two packs from each of the five previous Standard-viable Expansions: for the fair cost of clicking the "Free!" button.

Legends of the Lich King and Legends of Nathria bundles, both containing 2 random Legendaries as well as 20 packs from their respective titular expansions, will be yours for $19.99 or 2000 Runestones each.

The newest offer - aimed mainly at certain Constructed game mode (did you remember it still exists?) - comes in the form of Classic bundles, with one striving to add some bling to players' collections, and the other granting just some more cards for those in need:

  • Golden Classic Bundle: 3 random golden Legendary cards and 20 Golden Classic packs for $69.99 or 7000 Runestones.
  • Classic Bundle: 3 random Legendary cards and 40 Classic packs for $29.99 or 3000 Runestones.

The Diamond card bundles are still available as well:

  • Standalone Diamond Lady Deathwhisper, for 3000 Gold or 2500 Runestones ($24.99).
  • Diamond Lor'themar Theron Bundle, with the title card and two Signature Golden March of the Lich King packs, for 2500 Runestones or $24.99.
  • Diamond Deathbringer Saurfang Bundle, with the title card and two Signature Golden March of the Lich King packs, for $24.99.

Battlegrounds Offers

Nothing new in the Battlegrounds shop. This season's Pass as well as a Pre-Purchase deal for the next Season, which will unlock a Rare Chef Nomi bartender and Epic Nomi's Eatery board upon purchase, are still present. Both passes will cost you 1500 Runestones or the equivalent amount of real money ($14.99). There is probably around 2-3 weeks left to make up your mind. 

Current Battlegrounds Season 2 Pass Cosmetics

Tuxedo Bob Card Image Dark Flight Malygos Card Image Magic Guardian Elise Card Image Nozdormu, Time Warden Card Image

Adventure Beauty Reno Card Image Shadow Helm Saurfang Card Image Mystical Mentor Nguyen Card Image Bigglesworth, Feline Guide Card Image

George the Fated Card Image Omencaller Prestor Card Image Dawn Guardian Varden Card Image Spellbound Baz'hial Card Image

AF Kitsune Card Image Deal Speaker Blackthorn Card Image Secret Destiny Aranna Card Image Spellwinder Toki Card Image

The holiday discounts are also still available for selected Legendary (top row) and Epic (bottom row) skins, with the former costing 200 Runestones (~$1.99, 33% discount) and the latter 100 Runestones (~$1.99, 50% discount).

Veil Savior Tess Card Image Nutcracker King Card Image Globe of Chaos Card Image

Frostbitten Greybough Card Image Millificent Mechastorm Card Image

The Murloc Hideaway Legendary Board has also returned alongside a Variety Emote Pack, both with discounted price tags of $14.99 or 1500 Runestones (25% discount) and 300 Runestones (~$2.99, 40% discount), respectively.

Additionally, Bob has some personalized offers Just for You, ranging from old Bartenders for 500 Runestones ($4.99) to old Battlegrounds skins with 100 Runestones (~$0.99) each.

The new Battle Bash is still around as well, offering a variety of cosmetics that we reported on earlier. Everyone gets one free swing at the rewards; the rest can be obtained by paying 1000 Runestones ($9.99) and then playing some Battlegrounds. Less than a week is remaining so not much time to decide!

Mercenaries Offers

Mercenaries has the same offers than last week. Winter Fun Mercenaries Bundle will give you a random Legendary and a random Epic Mercenary, as well as 10 Mercenaries packs, with a holiday price of 1000 Runestones ($9.99). Another deal gives you an opportunity to bling up your collection with a random Legendary Diamond Portrait for 1500 Runestones ($14.99).

Additionally, there are some partially personalized offers available for different random Mercenaries of Epic/Legendary quality, their portraits, or just standalone coins - which character shows up where seems to vary per player, while the contents of each bundle tend to be fairly similar. We have seen several variations, probably influenced by an individual's spending power and collection: ranging from 1000 Runestone ($9.99) Coin bundles to 3000 Runestone ($29.99) Mega pack bundles.

What do you think about the new skins? Let us know in the comments below and happy new year shopping!