It's official, the Lich King is done marching and is ready to rest for a spell! Which should give everyone just enough time to jump into the game and unlock the newest Hearthstone class as their first order of business. Unless you wish to go play something else straight from the get go and focus on opening your expansion packs instead, in which case may the chilly winds keep you safe. 

To begin with, let's head on over to the Modes section and select Solo Adventures, where March of the Lich King introductory content awaits right below the Practice segment. 

Death Knight Prologue and the Core Set

Just like it happened previously with Illidan and Demon Hunter, four narrative missions form a semi-tutorial, telling the larger story while showing us the ropes when it comes to the newest Death Knight class. If you'll still need any advice on how to play afterwards, we've got something that should be able to help.

Quote From Blizzard
Play through the iconic story of the haughty prince Arthas Menethil as he forsakes the Light and becomes The Lich King, Hearthstone’s first Death Knight! The prologue will show you the strength of the Death Knight as you explore its new Hero Power and three Runes: Blood, Frost, and Unholy.

If your chapters seem out of order, don't worry! All fights should eventually unlock and you should end up with the final reward on your hands. 

After all that's done, the 32 free Core cards shall become yours to do with as you please! You can view all of them here.

Death Knight Launch Event & Path of Arthas

At the same time as going through the Prologue, you should be able to make some progress for the new Death Knight Launch event. Appropriately called "The Lich King's Call"

Then the next step is to decide whether to obtain Path of Arthas, a 26-card special package (think Mini-Set for Death Knights). Purchasable for either 2000 Gold or 1500 Runestones, or by crafting the featured cards individually. There are some useful picks in there, so best make up your mind how to proceed!

And just like with the Mini-Sets, you can find the relevant offer within Hearthstone's in-game shop (right below the big expansion bundle and the Tavern Pass). Be mindful that the default option is all-Golden! It's even called as such there, in a rather misleading manner. Most players will likely want to switch to the regular version before going forward with their purchase.

March of the Lich King Set

Last but not least, there are the new expansion packs to open. With some luck, you might end up with most, if not all, of the extra 10 Death Knight cards. There is a heavier focus on the Blood Rune there. 

Alexandros Mograine Card Image Soulstealer Card Image Vampiric Blood Card Image

Early Death Knight Decks to Try

All ready and good to go? While it'll take some time before actual tried and tested Death Knight meta decks start flowing in, we've put together some of the previously shared ideas from various streamers, pros, and community members. Feel free to show us your own takes via our deckbuilder! 




Good luck out there, don't let the Undead bite you and don't catch the cold. And give us your first Death Knight impressions once you have a moment to catch a breath!