Wild Hearthstone contains thousands of available cards, and offers a wide variety of possible decks. This incredible diversity is sometimes lost when only looking at the limited options common at the highest ladder ranks. Wildest of Days is a series aiming to highlight a different off-meta deck each time, with an in-depth guide into its strategy and gameplay. The featured decks are being selected on the basis of having interesting synergies and using rarely seen cards. To see past entries in this series with updated card guides, check out the comprehensive Wild Deck Guide Compendium.

Did you know that the new Outcast cards for Demon Hunter are all great in a Final Showdown Quest deck? It's true because many Outcast cards provide draw. Furthermore, you can generate close to infinite Outcast cards for value using the combo of Wretched Exile and Line Hopper, and the quest discount only helps you have better miracle turns. This deck can have that kind of value turn and early giants of Irebound Brutes and Vengeful Wallopers. It also has fun snowballing with Redeemed Pariah. Finally, Prince Renathal helps you have more cards left in your deck after you complete the quest to get more discount value. If you want to try out a fun deck with lots of value and replayability, and like big miracle turns, give this one a try!

Now, let's get into a guide on playing the deck. It's going to go through major overarching strategies to keep in mind, how to mulligan, gameplay tips on key synergies, and card choices.


Against Aggro: Can be a tough matchup but you can win with your miracle giant turns.

Against Combo: Glide to delay their combo and win with your huge outcast boards.

Against Control: Glide to remove their board clears and then generate a lot of value to win.


  • Final Showdown
  • Just look for card draw, and when mulliganing keep in mind that your left slot is more important than your right due to outcast synergies. Keep that in mind when you mulligan away a card.


Below are gameplay tips regarding many of the synergies in this deck and how to use them effectively.

Wretched Exile Card Image Line Hopper Card Image

Your main value combo which is best to use lategame vs control if needed, or early vs aggro if you are desperate for removal and heal.

Quest Outcast Demon Hunter is a fun deck if you like the quest or Outcast cards, and they work really well together. If you have a question or comment, or are wondering about a card substitution, post below.

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