We've received word of what the final mini-set of Year of the Hydra will entail. It's Return to Naxxramas! We don't know that much about it just yet, but we've seen some of the cards for it, and I'm already excited.

Conversation this weeks is about trolls. We're trolling you.

Double Whammy

As is tradition, the first order of business is to celebrate the winner of the most recent Card Design Competition. This week, it's me for the second time in a row with my Spiritchanter Voluk.

I'll be decided another theme next week, so stick around for that.

Rastakhan's Reboot

Fan Community Spotlight this week takes us to a set which remade Rastakhan's Rumble, which ironically seems to be a popular thing to do due to the set's infamously low power level. Here we have Chr2's Return To Da Rumble which also features two add-ons: Legion Invasion Stranglethorn and Blood Feud.

Return To Da Rumble is an attempt to give Rastakhan's Rumble some new light, as even if the set is notoriously for only having a handful of good cards, one thing we can all agree with is that the set's thematics are on point. You can use those thematics and the basis of the set to try to create something new out of it while still referencing the old source material in some way.

This also gives you an opportunity to design an old set and visualize it how it would look today and bring some mechanics not around at the time. This is why we have G'huun, Loa of Blood for Death Knight in this set which features Colossal. Also back in the set is Tradeable, Honorable Kill, and Infuse. While I would normally wouldn't agree with bringing back so many old mechanics, we may have some room for them after all now that Reborn was brought back. Some mechanics are also just really good (Tradeable) and the opportunity to give them some more spotlight outside of their expansion can be fun to play around with and prove why they should have a chance.

Heroic Acts

Our current WCDC competition is still going on, and the heroes of Hearthstone are doing sitting at the backrow and now it's their turn to get a piece of the Hearthstone action - the banner below will take you to our competition where we're making minions out of the base Hearthstone heroes (minus Arthas).