How has everyone's week been? As far as Hearthstone is concerned, it's been mostly uneventful for me since I haven't really messed with the new mini-set. I'd be interested in knowing how you guys are doing though.

Conversation this week is returning back to where we've been before.

Plagues for 25 Cents

Our first order of business is to congratulate the winner of the previous Card Design Competition, which would be myself with my Plague Quarter.

I'll be deciding the theme of next week, so do stick around for that.

There and Back Again

Our most recent mini-set, Return to Naxxramas, is a special one because it's the first one that actively takes place in a location that we've already been to in another card set, that being the original Curse of Naxxramas adventure which was the first extra card set released in July of 2014. Returning to areas covered in existing expansions has been a point of custom expansions for a really long time and I've covered quite a few of them. My most recent Fan Community Spotlight covered a set (and two accompanying mini-sets) returning to where Rastakhan's Rumble takes place.

Magic: The Gathering does this quite a fair amount. Innistrad for example was first visited in the Innistrad Block which released Innistrad in 2011, and also released Dark Ascension and Avacyn Restored in 2012. In 2016, we ended up revisiting the plane in Shadows over Innistrad and Eldritch Moon. Similarly, Ravnica has been a part of MTG history since 2005 with Ravnica: City of Guilds, and has been revisited many times. It was most recently visited in 2019 with War of the Spark.

Up until now though, we haven't had anything like this for Hearthstone. Now that we have some amount of precedence for retreading some ground, what place would you like to revisit in a future expansion? It's about time we got a new Elemental-centric expansion, so maybe we return to Un'Goro?

Keep Coming Back

All this leads up to the fact that we've heading into Naxxramas once again in our current card design competition which you still have time to enter.