Day 10! We're almost finished with Hearthstone's Festival of Legends card reveals. Tomorrow (March 30) there will be a stream at 10 AM Pacific on the official Hearthstone Twitch channel which will conclude the reveal season. Today you can expect to see Warlock cards, which should help fill in those missing 7 holes we have for the set. Missed previous cards? Check out our expansion guide!

Don't forget to talk about the new cards in the comments and if you want to talk about them individually, we've got threads in our Card Discussion forum for every one. You can also take part in our expansion Tavern Crawl, which rewards you with limited-time cosmetics on-site, for voting and comments on cards.

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March 29 Festival of Legends Card Reveals

Here are all the cards that Blizzard have revealed today, March 29 2023, for Festival of Legends.



Symphony Movements

Movement of Sloth Card Image Movement of Desire Card Image Movement of Envy Card Image Movement of Wrath Card Image

Movement of Gluttony Card Image Movement of Greed Card Image Movement of Pride Card Image