This is the first conversation after Festival of Legends has started and I'd be interested in knowing how much we're rocking! What have you been playing? What craziness have you witnessed?

Conversation this week is about the notes we're taking and the notes we're playing.

You Only Live... 28 Times!

First order of business is congratulating our winner of the last competition, Loknax with their Redundant Revenant which is the highest-scoring card of all time with a score of 4.43.

They are in charge of the next competition, whatever that may be. Tune in next week to find out!

Hearthstone Unglued

But during that time, we were also running another competition for April Fools, where we made funny cards with inconsistent wording and all sorts of madness ensued. Incidentally, Loknax also won this comp with Drawer (get it?).

The Darkest Hour

No, not the card. Our most recent Fan Community Spotlight takes us to Anomalies of Time and Cult, which is a set with two groups of classes, the Time Travelers and the Cultists.

The set contains a new keyword, Chronocast, in which cards are played after X amount of turns. Although this type of delayed effect concept is not necessarily new, I quite like the execution of it in this set. It's a fairly simplistic mechanics, but there's some fun design space to explore with it. You can see some cards that highlight the set down below, but do be sure to look at the rest of the set whenever you get a chance. It is definitely worth it. Hamilton even made a teaser video for the set, which is something you rarely see anyone do.

Number Soup

Forget about mixing the alphabet. This time, it's our friends on the other side who will be doing the mixing. You've got time to join the current competition - It's all about mixing numbers together.

We do also still have our feedback thread for this season active if you want to leave your thoughts about how it's been running and what you think could be changed about it.