Blizzard has confirmed that the first nerf to hit Showdown in the Badlands is none other than The Azerite Snake!

The Azerite Snake is the Warlock legendary Excavate treasure, so while the uncollectible card doesn't belong to one particular card, the reward is clearly quite powerful and it is too consistent to obtain with how powerful it is. We're left wondering what the plan is for dust refunds as anyone that spent dust to go out of their way to craft Excavate cards to play the deck might not feel great should the snake be nerfed into the ground.

Details on the nerf will be announced on Friday, and with the nature of the fix coming being via a hotfix, we're expecting the nerf to arrive that same day.

Quote From GallonHS

Howdy partners, hope y'all are enjoying the first few days of Showdown in the Badlands! We're planning on a hotfix nerf for The Azerite Snake, as it's a clear sentiment outlier. More details to come Friday

Looking to Play an Azerite Snake Deck? Excavate Warlock!

While things are still early on and the meta is not stable, so if you're looking to play with The Azerite Snake, here's an idea to start with!