What's this? A snappy alliterative title - that must mean this is a new series! Yes, you fine members of the community are quite active on the forums, and sometimes we see something that we'd love to share on the front page.

In this inaugural article, we're directing you to look at griffior's "Tables, A Way To Play Hearthstone With Your Own Rules." which very helpfully is exactly what it says on the tin - one fan's take on an expansive new addition to the game, bringing a bunch of new modes to one location.

A Brief Teaser

We don't want to give everything away - that's what the forum thread is for! - but here's a small overview of what griffior is bringing to the table (pun fully intended).

  • The concept of this new mode is inspired by the fantasy that we players inhabit a wonderful Tavern manned by Harth Stonebrew - each game is played at a Table around the Tavern, and of course, some Tables are set aside for various different variations of the game; Standard, Wild, Arena, Battlegrounds. But what if you wanted something a little different? Well, you'd have to set up your own Table for that!
  • Not only would this new mode allow you to create your own custom rulesets, griffior also envisions some long-awaited other additions being added to this mode - take a look at their fantastic mock-up below!

  • With some of these new modes come new reward ideas - Pack Tokens and Pack Sleeves. Check the thread for full details on what these entail, but you can see some nice mock-ups using known in-game assets right here.

Make sure you check out the full thread on the forums.

Have an idea for something you'd like to see on the front page? Send me a message here on the site! We'd love to make this a regular thing, and I'm sure there's plenty of great discussions to be had.