We're back with another stellar edition of this weird article format where I kind of act like I'm talking directly to you for a bit and straight up give up on that seemingly at random. Consistency!

This week, we'll do our usual WCDC announcements and take a look at some fun on the forums.

Greetings, Fellow Human

Congratulations to shaveyou, the winner of our third WCDC! Their Faceless Interloper carried them to victory.

We look forward to seeing what they'll come up with for next week's theme!

Honesty is the Best Policy

It's been around for quite a while now, but since we're highlighting cool things here, may I direct your attention to the Honest Hearthstone Cards forum thread?

It's a fun little game that has existed in many forms - you've probably seen someone do a batch of cards on Reddit shortly after an expansion launches, for example - and it's a stellar way to pass the time.

The idea is to take the card that the person before you requests, and make a tongue-in-cheek version of it, poking fun at how the card is played - or perhaps how it isn't!

Here's a few of my favourite examples, courtesy of (from left to right) thepowrofcheese, Demonxz95 and LiquidM.


Check it out if you're ever bored and looking for a way to jumpstart some creativity in your mind.

If you ever have anything you'd like to see featured here, don't hesitate to PM me to let me know about it!

Pole to Pole

Our final note, as always, is that our next competition is up! This week we're looking for cards that want you to care about positioning - so position your mouse over the banner below and click it to check it out!