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Embiggen seems pretty big in Wild with Aggro Druid builds, so I figure--why not try it in Standard? Obviously the Wild version takes better advantage of it with Patches the Pirate, but I think I found some fun tools to make it work well in Standard as well. I put this list together and after a little experimentation have been using it to climb (hit Diamond 10 with an earlier version last season, do with that info what you will).

I have been having a blast with it. This deck certainly isn't the most powerful thing in the meta, but I find it's a perfectly cromulent deck for climbing. The power swings feel really good, and if you can put your opponent on the back foot early you can usually snowball it into a win. So let's talk about how this deck likes to play out.


Going First: You want Embiggen. If you have it, you want Gibberling or Intrepid Initiate.

Going Second: You want Gibberling, you want Embiggen.

After the obvious keeps, then we get into a lot of if [this] then [that] calculus.

You keep Parachute Brigand if you have another pirate.

You keep Skydiving Instructor if you have Embiggen going second (or if you have Embiggen and Lightning Bloom going first--it can happen).

If you have Gibberling on the Coin you keep Intrepid Initiate or Adorable Infestation (you can also keep the pair without Gibberling on the Coin, that's generally the only time I would want to keep Initiate going second).

Keeping Voracious Reader against slower decks with plays for your first turns is something I've felt good about doing.

This deck is actually pretty flexible in how it wants to attack the early game, and I'm sure I've only scratched the surface in the number of powerful first and second turn plays you can do. This is also just the most recent build of the list I've tried--most notably the change to include the pirate package for some extra oomph.

Basically, this deck wants to play way more stats than it should on the first three turns, then use that to snowball into an overwhelming board presence and finish the opponent off before they can stabilize. It's not the best deck at doing that, but it is the deck that does that with Wisps.

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