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Discardlock got new support in Tome Tampering which gives mana cheat and an easy way to discard cards that benefit from being discarded (either through board presence, damage, or in hand upgrades or value).

Some key tips:

Use Malchezaar's Imp and Tome Tampering together.

Alternatively use Tome Tampering after you have multiple Hand of Gul'dan in hand.

Tiny Knight of Evil goes great with Tome Tampering to grow large very quickly. He’s also great with The Soularium.

Wicked Whispers discarding Boneweb Egg is great if you can do that.

Be careful about High Priestess Jeklik, in certain matchups you should dump her before making too many duplicates. In others, you can try to duplicate 1 mana copies of her after Tome.

If you want to have Doomguards but don’t want them to be destroyed by a random discard, you can use Expired Merchant on them then the random discard.

Clutchmother Zavas and High Priestess Jeklik may give you something to play turn 4 if you decide to Tome of Tampering turn 3 without any Malchezaar’s Imp or Hand of Gul’dan.

This deck has a lot of draw and burst, so managing hand size is important - be careful about making too many copies of Hand of Gul’dan and High Priestess Jeklik or you may mill your key cards.


The key tip: don’t be scared. Don’t always play it safe even when you might discard some key cards, if you do that you will lose a lot of games. You have to take calculated risks and weight probabilites about the best paths to take in each game - how many turns do you have before an opponent combos? Do you need to take a risk or not? Do you definitely lose on board to an Aggro tempo deck if you don’t? These are the questions you need to ask yourself while playing this deck. It takes time to practice and master this balance, there’s a fine line between being too scared to take risks and being too carefree with your discards. I can’t really write it here because it’s different for each game - use your judgement and you will see the deck’s limits in each matchup.



It’s a lot of fun and not as straightforward as Aggro such as Pirate Rogue, Discardlock is my personal favorite Aggro deck (I’ve reached Legend with it 3 times in the past). There is discard rng and lack of linearity which makes the deck engaging and required planning ahead. However, if you like decks where you have to think of cool turns and multiple turns in the future, more than you would normally have to from Aggro, this may be a really fun deck for you as well. In this meta, I tested it in Legend and went 7-3. Not a huge sample size but I think it can definitely be a good deck if played well and you get the right pocket meta.


If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.

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