Hearthstone's Lunar New Year event is back and is now using the new in-game events system! This time around the event has a focus on Battlegrounds.

  • Complete special daily and event quests to earn XP on the event rewards track.
  • Earn three Battlegrounds skins at 250, 600, and 1000 Event XP.

The event runs from January 17 through January 31, 2023.

Table of Contents

    Lunar New Year 2023 Battlegrounds Skins

    The only rewards during this event are for Battlegrounds.

    • Magister Malygos - 250 Event XP
    • Scourgebound Bru'kan - 600 Event XP
    • Magister Dawngrasp - 1000 Event XP


    Lunar New Year 2023 Event Quests

    These can be completed one time each and will appear in order after you complete each one.

    1. House of Good Fortune
      • Fully upgrade your Tavern in Battlegrounds twice.
      • Rewards 150 Event XP
    2. Glorious New Era
      • Win a game of Battlegrounds
      • Rewards 200 Event XP
    3. The Zodiac Shining
      • Play 12 Golden minions in Battlegrounds.
      • Rewards 250 Event XP

    Lunar New Year 2023 Daily Quests

    These are randomly given to you and you can get one per day during the event. Each one gives you 100 Event XP.

    • Destroy 50 enemy minions in Battlegrounds.
    • Play 1 Tier 6 minion in Battlegrounds.
    • Trigger your Deathrattle effects 15 times in Battlegrounds.
    • Play 10 Battlecry minions in Battlegrounds.
    • Destroy 50 enemy minions in Battlegrounds.
    • Prevent damage with Divine Shield 30 times in Battlegrounds.