Welcome to the launch of Whizbang's Workshop! This serves as our hub for everything you need to know about Hearthstone's latest expansion.

Optimal Pack Opening in Hearthstone for Whizbang's Workshop

  • Open your catch-up packs first - their contents are based on your collection size.
  • If you want the most total cards (fewest duplicates):
    • Open Expansion Packs
    • Open Class Packs
    • Open Standard Packs
  • If you want the most cards from Whizbang's Workshop (more dupes):
    • Open Standard Packs
    • Open Class Packs
    • Open Expansion Packs

When Does Showdown in the Badlands Launch?

Whizbang's Workshop launches on March 19, around 10 AM Pacific (1 PM Eastern, 18:00 CEST). Refer to the countdown below - make sure your computer's clock is correct.

5 Hours 15 Mins 27 Secs

Whizbang's Workshop Fast Facts

  • 145 new cards added to the game. The mini-set, to be revealed at a later date, will have 38 new cards.
  • Miniaturize is a new mechanic that gives you a 1 mana 1/1 copy in your hand after it is played.
  • You can login now to receive a copy of Colifero the Artist for free!
  • The first free reward on the rewards track is Li'Na, Shop Manager.
  • Badlands Achievements will still provide experience for the Whizbang rewards track.
  • A new event will be going live on March 26 to celebrate the expansion.

Year of the Pegasus Fast Facts

Out of Games Whizbang's Workshop Reminders

  • You can share your decks with everyone on the site - use our deckbuilder!
  • Find new decks to play in our deck database - here are all the most recently created decks for this patch.
  • You can login and manage your collection of cards, which can help you find decks you can create.
    • Check the user panel dropdown at the top of the site to get your "HS Collection" link!
  • If you encounter any issues on the site, please let us know in our site feedback realm.

We appreciate everyone's continued support!

New Mechanics in Whizbang's Workshop

  • New Keyword: Miniaturize
  • Zilliax's Return
    • Zilliax Deluxe 3000 makes his re-debut with Whizbang's Workshop.
    • You can build your own Zilliax by combining two different modules, of 8 total, during the deckbuilding phase.
    • Afterward, pick a third model as your Zilliax's art - no gameplay changes.
  • There are plenty of returning characters appearing in new forms - go find them!

Whizbang's Workshop Catch-up Packs

We've got a return of catch-up packs coming for Whizbang's Workshop. Things are going to be a little bit different than before though when Blizzard first introduced this concept back in Showdown in the Badlands.

Whizbang's Workshop Catch-Up Pack

Instead of the 5 sets that were available with the first set of catch-up packs in Badlands, Whizbang's Workshop edition is only going to include cards from the current past 3 expansions that are in Standard. Because of this, there are slight changes to the numbers since there aren't as many expansions in the pool. You will still be getting the same value overall though with the packs. These are a fantastic way to get back into Hearthstone if you haven't been playing for a while.

You can see a preview of the new catch-up packs in the video down below. Apologies for some sniffles, my audio processing didn't remove them as expected.

Whizbang's Workshop Rewards Track

We've got a dedicated article with everything you need to know for the Whizbang's Workshop rewards track!

First Page of the Whizbang's Workshop Rewards Track

New Coins in Whizbang's Workshop

Two new collectible coins are making their way to Hearthstone with the launch of Whizbang's Workshop! As usual, these are rewards from the rewards track's tavern pass and by having 145 cards from the set. We're definitely looking to rush our way up to 90 on the rewards track, because the new Wonderous Workshop Coin is amazing. Whizbang's Workshop launches on March 19.

Workshop CoinCandy Coin

Whizbang's Workshop Community Compendium

Come check out how the community voted on all the new cards in Whizbang's Workshop!

Good luck with your pack openings! May RNG bless you.