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Rise of Shadows
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    ~~ This thread has been archived, for up to date version go here. ~~

    This thread is to be a home for legendary crafting advice. If you are not sure which legendary you should craft next, this is the place to ask! We only recommend disenchanting golden versions of legendary cards until you know you will not buy more packs from the corresponding set. Keeping even the worst legendaries will increase your chance of getting a good one next time due to the no-duplicate rule. We will try our best to stay on top of the meta-game with updates, and hope this thread can be a valuable resource for new and veteran players alike to make better decisions with your dust!

    Disclaimer: A tier list like this can never please everyone; the meta game is dynamic. If you think a card is in the wrong tier, please explain and provide links to deck lists or other data to support your claim.

    Please note that some of the cards may not yet be craftable, and are received through adventures or rewards.

     - Rise of Shadows
    Archmage Vargoth - Strong synergies in many decks, notably token druid.
    Keeper Stalladris - Staple in token druid, playable in other druid decks.

    - Rastakhan's Rumble
    Zul'jin - Staple in Secret and near staple in beast midrange hunter.

     - The Boomsday Project
    Boommaster Flark - Staple in bomb-mech hunter.
    Dr. Boom, Mad Genius - Staple in most warrior decks.
    Subject 9 - Staple in secret paladin and hunter, playable secret heavy mage decks.
    Zilliax - Very versatile card, playable in several successful decks for many classes.

     - The Witchwood
    Darius Crowley - Good card in most warrior decks.

    - Classic
    Bloodmage Thalnos - Strong neutral card, playable in a variety of decks.
    Harrison Jones - Evergreen neutral tech card, very strong in the current meta.
    Leeroy Jenkins - Playable finisher in any aggressive deck.
    Tirion Fordring - Staple mech paladin, playable in any slower paladin deck.

    - Rise of Shadows
    Archivist Elysiana - Staple in control warrior, playable in all slower decks as anti-control tech.
    Arch-Villain Rafaam - Staple in zoolock, playable in other warlock decks
    Commander Rhyssa - Staple in Secret and Secret Mech paladin.
    Blastmaster Boom - Staple in bomb warrior decks.
    Heistbaron Togwaggle Strong synergy with EVIL Miscreant in tempo rogue but is replaceable.
    Kalecgos -Staple in Khadgar dragon mage.
    Khadgar - Build-around for slower mage decks running Conjurer's Calling.
    Oblivitron - Staple in mechrattle hunter.
    Scargil - Staple in murloc shaman.
    Swampqueen Hagatha - Interesting card playable in any shaman deck, notably Murloc shaman.

    - Rastakhan's Rumble
    Captain Hooktusk - Playable in slower pirate rogue decks.
    High Priest Thekal - Staple in several heal-heavy decks, synergy with Nozari.
    Wardruid Loti - Good card in token druid, playable in other druid decks.

    - The Boomsday Project

    Kangor's Endless Army - Staple in mech deathrattle paladin.
    The Soularium - Strong in zoolock, but the archetype is playable without it.

    - The Witchwood
    Hagatha the Witch - Strong value card in all slower shaman decks.
    Houndmaster Shaw - Good card in mechrattle hunter.

    - Classic
    Al'Akir the Windlord - Strong, flexible classic card.
    Alexstrasza - Staple in several combo decks, playable in most control decks.
    Archmage Antonidas - Staple in Mana Cyclone spell mage, playable in other mage decks.
    Captain Greenskin - Strong card in Bomb warrior and Tempo rogue.
    Malygos - Staple in OTK Combo decks, synergy with Jepetto Joybuzz.
    The Black Knight - Evergreen neutral tech card, not great in the current meta but safe long term craft.
    Ysera - Strong, slow neutral value card.

    - Rise of Shadows
    Barista Lynchen - Playable in Dragon paladin and Warrior, might find new uses in the future.
    Catrina Muerte - Staple in resurrect combo priest.
    Chef Nomi - Build-around in Nomi priest.
    Jepetto Joybuzz - Staple in Malygos spell hunter, combo potential.
    The Boom Reaver - Staple in Big warrior.
    Vereesa Windrunner - Staple in Malygos hunter, playable in several spell heavy decks.
    Zayle, Shadow Cloak - Interesting card but some of his decks are pretty weak.

    - Rastakhan's Rumble
    Akali, the Rhino - Playable in Rush warrior.
    Da Undatakah - Slow card with strong synergies in mech hunter and mech paladin.
    Gral, the Shark - Niche card in tempo rogue.
    Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk - Playable in Khadgar mage.
    Mojomaster Zihi - Tech card vs combo decks, struggles in the standard meta. Tier 1 in Wild.
    Oondasta - Synergy with Witchwood Grizzly and other big beasts in control decks.
    Shirvallah, the Tiger - Playable in several heal-heavy decks, hurt by Equality nerf.
    War Master Voone - Playable in dragon warrior.

    - The Boomsday Project
    Crystalsmith Kangor - Playable in paladin decks built for healing synergy.
    Electra Stormsurge - Low play rate, but playable in most shaman decks.
    Floop's Glorious Gloop - Playable in token druid, low play rate.
    Mecha'thun - Unique win condition, better in the Wild format. 
    Myra's Unstable Element - Hurt by the Rogue nerfs.
    Stargazer Luna - Playable in most mage decks, worse win rate after the Standard rotation
    The Boomship - Playable in slower warrior decks, decent win rate.
    The Storm Bringer - Playable in murloc shaman.
    Whizbang the Wonderful - Mediocre win rate but highly recommended for new players. Golden card value!
    Zerek's Cloning Gallery - Staple in Malygos otk priest.

     - The Witchwood
    Archmage Arugal - Playable in summoner mage.
    Azalina Soulthief - Playable as emergency hand refill in several decks.
    Countess Ashmore - Versatile neutral card, playable in warrior and hunter decks.
    Shudderwock - Playable in murloc and overload shaman.

    - Classic
    Baron Geddon - Has yet to find a home after the Standard rotation.
    Cairne Bloodhoof - Playable in deathrattle and midrange decks, low play rate.
    Cenarius - Playable in treant and token druid.
    Edwin VanCleef - Hurt by the rogue nerfs.
    Grommash Hellscream - Playable in Rush and tempo based warrior decks.
    Onyxia - Playable in dragon decks.

    - Rise of Shadows
    Lucentbark - Staple in Juicy Psychmelon heal druid.
    Nozari - Unique effect, playable in Dragon paladin but very low win rate.

    - Rastakhan's Rumble

    Hakkar, the Soulflayer - Playable in mill decks, can have potential in the future.
    Hex Lord Malacrass - Weak card mainly used in Khadgar mage.
    Halazzi, the Lynx - Sees fringe play in faster hunter decks.
    High Priestess Jeklik - Struggles to find a home after the Standard rotation.
    Krag'wa, the Frog - Playable in aggro shaman.
    Princess Talanji - Struggles to find a home after the Standard rotation.
    Zentimo - Niche pick for aggressive shaman decks.

    - The Boomsday Project
    Flark's Boom-Zooka - Niche pick for mechrattle hunter.
    Flobbidinous Floop - Good card in Heal druid, synergy with Lucentbark.
    Luna's Pocket Galaxy - Struggles to find a home after the Standard rotation.
    Myra Rotspring - Playable in deathrattle rogue.

    - The Witchwood
    Dollmaster Dorian - Effect difficult to make good use of, even in deathrattle decks.
    Glinda Crowskin - Niche tech in Magic Carpet zoolock, lackey synergy.
    Lady in White - Playable in silence priest, low win rate.
    Prince Liam - Struggles to find a home after the Standard Rotation.
    Face Collector - Playable in thief rogue, low win rate.
    Lord Godfrey - Slower warlocks struggle post rotation. Tier 2 in Wild.
    Tess Greymane - Playable in thief rogue, low win rate.
    The Glass Knight - Struggles to find a home after the Standard Rotation.
    Toki, Time-Tinker - Inconsistent value card for mage.

    - Classic
    Deathwing - Playable in Big warrior, surprise tech in Mech paladin and other decks.
    King Krush - Struggles to find a home after the Standard Rotation.
    King Mukla - Struggles to find a home after the Standard Rotation.
    Illidan Stormrage - Has seen play in token- and demon decks.
    Lord Jaraxxus - Staple in handlock which is a niche deck in the current meta.
    Prophet Velen - Struggles to find a home after the standard rotation. T2 in Wild.
    Tinkmaster Overspark* -  Sees some play as neutral transform tech.

    - Rise of Shadows
    Fel Lord Betrug - Staple in weak Plot Twist warlocks, T4 in Wild.
    Madame Lazul - Weak stats and questionable value, but tier 4 in Wild as playable in Razapriest.
    Tak Nozwhisker - Playable in Thief and Pogo-Hopper rogue, very low win rate.

     - Rastakhan's Rumble
    Bwonsamdi, the Dead - Synergy with Spirit of the Dead, very low play and win rate.
    Gonk, the Raptor - Gonk OTK decks are not viable.
    Griftah - Unreliable meme card, very low win rate.
    Hir'eek, the Bat - Sees experimental play in hand-buff zoo, very low win rate.

    - The Boomsday Project
    Dr. Morrigan - Meme card, effect difficult to make use of.
    Harbinger Celestia - Situational tech card vs. deck that skip early game minions.
    Zerek, Master Cloner - Effect slow and difficult to make use of, low win rate.

    - The Witchwood
    Blackhowl Gunspire - Meme card, effect difficult to abuse.
    Chameleos - Very weak and unreliable card.
    Duskfallen Aviana - Enables some big plays...for your opponent.
    Emeriss - Slow card, useless in current hunter decks.
    Splintergraft -  Interesting, slow effect, playable in defensive druid decks.

     - Classic
    Gruul - Very slow card
    Hogger - Weak to AOE, has seen play in token decks and control warrior.
    Lorewalker Cho - Meme card, needed for the longest hearthstone turn ever.
    Millhouse Manastorm - A liability.
    Nat Pagle - Outclassed by Novice Engineer.
    Nozdormu - Meme card.
    The Beast - A liability.

    Awaiting placement: [Hearthstone Card (SN1P-Sn4ap) Not Found]

    For details on how Standard will rotate, check out this thread!

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    Wild-Only Sets

     - Kobolds and Catacombs
    Aluneth - Staple in aggressive mage decks, notably secret mage.

     - Knights of the Frozen Throne
    Bloodreaver Gul'dan - Staple in any warlock deck except fast zoo.
    The Lich King - Playable in any midrange and control deck.

     - Journey to Un'Goro
    Sunkeeper Tarim - Staple in any paladin deck.

     - Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
    Aya Blackpaw - Staple in jade and most shaman decks.
    Patches the Pirate - Staple in odd rogue and pirate warrior.

     - One Night in Karazhan
    Barnes - Staple in big priest, synergy with Deathrattle minions and Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound.

     - Whispers of the Old Gods
    Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound - Staple in Darkest Hour warlock, big priest and big rogue.

     - The League of Explorers
    Sir Finley Mrrgglton - Staple in aggressive- and murloc decks.

     - Goblins vs Gnomes
    Mal'Ganis - Staple in any slower warlock deck.

     - Curse of Naxxramas
    Loatheb - Strong, flexible neutral tech card.

     - Hall of Fame
    Baku the Mooneater - Staple in odd decks for paladin, warrior, mage, hunter and rogue.
    Genn Greymane - Staple in even decks, especially shaman and warlock.
    Old Murk-Eye - Staple in murloc decks, very good win rate.
    Ragnaros the Firelord  - Strong neutral card, staple in big priest

    - Kobolds and Catacombs
    Kathrena Winterwisp - Staple in recruit and deathrattle hunter.
    Kingsbane - Good card in aggro pirate rogue, playable in odd rogue.
    Rin, the First Disciple -  Anti-control tech slower warlock decks.
    Skull of the Man'ari - Staple in cubelock, playable in control warlock.
    Zola the Gorgon - Playable in several different decks from many classes, notably highlander ones.

     - Knights of the Frozen Throne
    Deathstalker Rexxar - Staple in any slower hunter decks, and playable in the rest.
    Malfurion the Pestilent - Staple in any Wild druid deck.
    Prince Keleseth - Build-around card in many decks, notably zoo, aggro murloc paladin and tempo rogue.
    Prince Taldaram - Often played in cubelock but can be replaced.
    Shadowreaper Anduin - Staple in Raza priest, playable in any priest deck.

    - Journey to Un'Goro
    Hemet, Jungle Hunter - Staple in Mecha'thun warlock, playable in several decks.
    Kalimos, Primal Lord - Good card in Elemental Even, Elemental and Shudderwock shaman.
    Spiritsinger Umbra - Played in cubelock and deathrattle decks.
    Unite the Murlocs - Has a decent win rate and got a lot of support in RoS.

    - Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
    Finja, the Flying Star - Staple in Murloc paladin, very strong win rate.
    Kazakus - Staple in highlander decks.

    - Whispers of the Old Gods
    Fandral Staghelm - Playable in most Druid decks, notably Jade and Token ones.

    N'Zoth, the Corruptor - Staple in cube and renolock, playable in slower decks with deathrattle synergy.

    - The League of Explorers
    Brann Bronzebeard - Strong synergy with Kazakus.
    Reno Jackson - Playable in Warlock, Mage, Priest decks, and sees experimental play in all classes.

    - Goblins vs Gnomes
    Dr. Boom - Staple in odd rogue and odd paladin, versatile curve filler.

     - Blackrock Mountain
    Emperor Thaurissan - Tech option in cube warlock, staple in several combo decks.

     - Curse of Naxxramas
    Kel'Thuzad - Staple in Big rogue, playable in heavy control decks.

    - Hall of fame
    Sylvanas Windrunner - Playable in any control deck, synergy with Brawl and Shadowflame.

    - Kobolds and Catacombs
    Dragoncaller Alanna - Win condition in big spell mage, sees very little play.
    King Togwaggle - Staple in miracle mill druid.
    Master Oakheart - Staple in Wall priest and taunt druid.
    Sonya Shadowdancer - Playable in Big Rogue, staple in quest rogue which sees little play.
    Val'anyr - Playable in even paladin.

     - Knights of the Frozen Throne
    Frost Lich Jaina - Staple in any slower non-combo mage deck.
    Uther of the Ebon Blade - Staple in OTKDK Holy Wrath paladin.

    - Journey to Un'Goro
    Awaken the Makers - Quest priest has interesting options in Wild but is not a powerhouse deck.
    Lyra the Sunshard - Playable in clone and resurrect priest.
    Pyros - Staple in elemental mage, playable in control mage, good win rate.
    Open the Waygate - Staple in Giant Miracle Mage, playable in Exodia freeze mage.

    - Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
    Krul the Unshackled - Playable in demon decks.
    Kun the Forgotten King - Staple in Aviana combo decks, playable in all slower druid decks.
    Raza the Chained - Nerfed hard, sees some play in reno decks.
    White Eyes - Decent deathrattle synergy for slow shaman decks.

    Wickerflame Burnbristle - Defensive card for paladin, synergy with Corpsetaker.

     - One Night in Karazhan
    Medivh, the Guardian - Playable control decks with heavy spells, especially Reno mage.

     - The Grand Tournament
    Skycap'n Kragg - Playable in pirate decks, good winrate.

    - Goblins vs Gnomes
    Sneed's Old Shredder - Playable in Deathrattle and Big decks.

    - Kobolds and Catacombs 
    Geosculptor Yip - Playable a in recruit and even warrior.
    Grumble, Worldshaker - Synergy with Shudderwock, low play rate after nerfs.
    Ixlid, Fungal Lord - Sees very little play but could possible have future combo potential.
    Rhok'delar - Playable in spell hunter, sees very little play in higher levels.
    Twig of the World Tree -  Sees very little play but has combo potential.
    Woecleaver - Staple in recruit warrior which is not a strong archetype.

     - Knights of the Frozen Throne
    Archbishop Benedictus - Playable in quest priest.
    Hadronox - Staple in Taunt druid decks with low play rates currently.
    Professor Putricide - Playable in Secret hunter, low play rate.
    Sindragosa - Slow value card, sees little play.
    Thrall, Deathseer - Sees very little play but might have potential!
    Valeera the Hollow - Staple in Quest and Malygos rogue.

    - Journey to Un'Goro
    Elise the Trailblazer - Good value card in odd warrior and big spell mage.
    Fire Plume's Heart - Quest warrior sees very little play but might have potential.
    Swamp King Dred - Surprise tech in heavy hunter decks. Synergy with Kathrena Winterwisp.
    The Caverns Below - Sees limited play but has some good support cards.

    - Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
    Auctionmaster Beardo - Staple in OTK DK paladin, low win rate.

    Inkmaster Solia - Has seen some play in control mage.
    Shaku, the Collector - Playable in odd, burgle and tempo rogue, but there are better options.

    Wrathion - Playable in dragon decks, decent win rate but low play rate.

     - One Night in Karazhan
    The Curator - Unfortunately too weak for a 7 drop, even in Wild dragon and Malygos decks.

    - Whispers of the Old Gods
    Anomalus - Sees some play in heavy control mage.
    Deathwing, Dragonlord - Playable in heavy dragon- and Deathrattle decks.

    Hallazeal the Ascended - Playable in slower shaman decks, low winrate
    Princess Huhuran -  Has seen some play in Deathrattle hunter.
    Ragnaros, Lightlord - Playable in slower paladin decks, struggles in this metagame.
    Soggoth the Slitherer - Low playrate, has seen some play in heavy Taunt decks.
    Yogg-Saron, Hope's End - Unreliable last resort in spell heavy decks.

    - The League of Explorers
    Elise Starseeker - Outdated tech card for control decks.

     - The Grand Tournament
    Aviana - Synergy with Kun the Forgotten King, but hit hard by nerf.
    Chillmaw - Playable in dragon- and Deathrattle decks.

    Confessor Paletress - Struggles to find a new home after nerf to Raza the Chained.
    Dreadscale - Playable in Reno Jackson deathrattle hunter.
    Gormok the Impaler - Playable in swarm decks, very low play rate
    Justicar Trueheart - Struggles to find a home after the introduction of Baku the Mooneater.

    Nexus-Champion Saraad - Struggles to find a new home after nerf to Raza the Chained.
    Varian Wrynn - Playable in tempo warrior, low win rate.
    The Mistcaller - Under-statted, slow card.

    - Blackrock Mountain
    Chromaggus - Niche pick for dragon decks.

    - Goblins vs Gnomes
    Foe Reaper 4000 - Low play and win rate, but good synergy with Dr. Boom, Mad Genius

    Iron Juggernaut - Playable in Bomb warrior but low win rate.
    Mimiron's Head - Meme card, playable in experimental mech and quest decks.
    Neptulon - Playable in Murloc shaman but outclassed by other murloc generators.

    Toshley - Tech option in tempo mage and razakus spell priest decks.
    Vol'jin - Tech option in any priest deck, especially Spiteful Summoner ones.

     - Curse of Naxxramas
    Baron Rivendare - Playable in Deathrattle decks, notably hunter and rogue.
    Feugen - Tech option in Deathrattle decks.
    Stalagg - Tech option in Deathrattle decks.

    - Kobolds and Catacombs
    Dragon Soul - Effect difficult to trigger.
    Lynessa Sunsorrow - Effect difficult to make use good of and easy to counter.
    Marin the Fox - Under-statted meme card.
    Temporus - Meme card, very difficult to play safely.
    The Darkness - Slow card, effect difficult to trigger, possible tech against highlander decks.
    The Runespear - Inconsistent card which sees very little play.

     - Knights of the Frozen Throne
    Arfus - Understatted, a niche card in deathrattle hunter.
    Blood-Queen Lana'thel - Playable in discolock, very low win rate.
    Bolvar, Fireblood - Synergy card which sees very little play, low win rate.
    Lilian Voss - Unreliable in rogue decks, low win rates.
    Moorabi - Meme card, shaman lacks Freeze synergy.
    Prince Valanar - Sees very little play, does anyone know a use for this card?
    Rotface - Unreliable and very slow. Very low win rates.
    Scourgelord Garrosh - Sees very little play and has bad win rates.

    - Journey to Un'Goro
    Clutchmother Zavas - Staple in discolock, very low win rates.
    Jungle Giants - Quest druid is a niche deck. Druid has a generally low win rate after the nerfs.
    King Mosh - Surprise tech in Odd control and quest warrior, very low play rate.
    Lakkari Sacrifice - Quest warlock has a low win rate.
    Ozruk - Outclassed in elemental decks.
    Sherazin, Corpse Flower - Playable in miracle rogue, very low win rate
    The Last Kaleidosaur - Quest paladin has a low win rate.
    The Marsh Queen - Quest hunter has a low win rate.
    The Voraxx - Effect hard to trigger, see quest paladin.
    Tyrantus - Niche card for Druid, has a low win rates after the nerfs.

    - Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
    Don Han'Cho - Slow card for hand-buff decks, unreliable and low win rate.
    Genzo, the Shark - Sees very little play, outclassed in aggro druid.
    Hobart Grapplehammer - Tech option for pirate warrior, very low win rate.
    Knuckles - Playable in midrange hunter, very low play and win rate.
    Madam Goya - Meme card, played in big shaman.
    Mayor Noggenfogger - Meme card, works like Ogre Brute, not Misdirection.
    Sergeant Sally -  Under-statted and effect difficult to trigger, playable in hand-buff decks.

     - One Night at Karazhan
    Moroes - Under-statted, outclassed in token decks.
    Prince Malchezaar - Meme card, dilutes your deck.

    - Whispers of the Old Gods
    Cho'gall - Sees very little play, synergy with Violet Illusionist.
    C'Thun - C'thun decks have low win rates in the current meta.
    Twin Emperor Vek'lor - Staple in C'thun decks, see C'Thun.
    Herald Volazj - Very situational card, enables OTK combos in some Tavern Brawls.
    Hogger, Doom of Elwynn - Sees very little play, has meme potential in Warrior.
    Malkorok - Sees little play, low win rate in tempo warrior decks.
    Mukla, Tyrant of the Vale - Replaced by Banana Buffoon.
    Nat, the Darkfisher - A liability, outclassed in mill decks.
    Shifter Zerus - Meme card, very inconsistent.
    The Boogeymonster - Outclassed by Eldritch Horror.
    Xaril, Poisoned Mind - Outclassed in a crowded 4-slot for rogue.

    - The League of Explorers
    Arch-Thief Rafaam - Slow card.

    - The Grand Tournament
    Acidmaw - Under-statted very situational card.
    Anub'arak - Too slow to be useful for any deck.
    Bolf Ramshield - Attack face to kill this guy.
    Eadric the Pure - Situational card, over-costed and replaced by Shrink Ray.
    Eydis Darkbane - Effect difficult to trigger, outclassed in mech mage.
    Fjola Lightbane - Effect difficult to trigger.
    Icehowl - Slow card, outclassed in Silence priest and astral druid.
    Rhonin - Slow card, sees very little play, low win rate.
    The Skeleton Knight - Sees very little play, low win rate.
    Wilfred Fizzlebang - Under-statted, effect difficult to trigger.

    - Blackrock Mountain
    Nefarian - Playable in dragon decks, low win rate.
    Rend Blackhand - Very situational card.
    Majordomo Executus - A liability, meme card, synergy with Coldarra Drake.

    - Goblins vs Gnomes
    Blingtron 3000 - Unreliable card, synergy with Twig of the World Tree.
    Bolvar Fordragon - Slow card, effect difficult to trigger.
    Flame Leviathan - Unreliable card, not playable in mech mage.
    Gahz'rilla - Very slow and vulnerable to removal.
    Gazlowe - Effect difficult to trigger, outclassed in mech decks.
    Hemet Nesingwary - Extremely situational tech card.
    Malorne - Slow card, outclassed by powercreep.
    Mekgineer Thermaplugg - Slow card, effect difficult to trigger.
    Mogor the Ogre - Very unreliable card.
    Trade Prince Gallywix - Slow card which sees very little play.
    Troggzor the Earthinator - Sees very little play and is outclassed as a 7-drop.

     - Curse of Naxxramas
    Maexxna - Outclassed by cheaper Poisonous beasts.

    - Reward
    Elite Tauren Chieftain - Often a liability, meme card.
    Gelbin Mekkatorque - Often a liability, meme card.

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    This tier list is temporary for now and will not be micromanaged. We have some concepts of a cool interface for this sort of thing that would make this obsolete and we'll see where we're at by the time the next expansion launches. For now, enjoy this current list for all your legendary crafting inquiries.

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    Ironically, I found the old list format a bit problematic for us Wild players and I am really grateful that you are going to revamp the format. And yes I did notice that you didn't just copy and paste this list from Hearthpwn.

    I was looking at one of SlydE's source material for his list: hearthstonetopdecks.com and I really liked that format. I took my understanding of the meta from Tempostorm to better understand what decks were covered in Hsreplay's list. Because I am used to looking at a crafting list for legends, I also enjoyed Hsreplay's Wild Legendary Card Format list as well. I have alway's enjoyed SlydE's list and it is a shame that he will not be joining us here but I am looking forward to a much-improved format of sorting for the best cards.

    Based on other card list from the internet SlydE, Hsreplay and the Wild Meta decklist from Tempostorm, I would suggest thinking about adding Open the Waygate to the list. I am not sure how long it will be a Tier 1 card but it currently is.

    Chimera, good luck with your adventures. I hope this gets a link on the main page under "cards." Thank you for all that you do around this website. Chimera you are awesome.


    The above comment assumes a Hearthstone Wild perspective.

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    New site, same old weird tier 2 name. 

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    Hey, are you planning on updating the list?

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    New, updated crafting list-one that will be kept up to date now-can be found here: https://outof.cards/forums/hearthstone/card-discussion/2449-dod-legendary-tier-list-and-crafting-guide.

    Archiving this.

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