Wild Spider Queen for Rogue

Saviors of Uldum
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    It's a just for fun deck that I have been using casually in Wild for quite a long time now.

    I also wrote a fanfiction based on the deck. The story follows 'The Spider Queen', a powerful Aranasi, who had escaped Sargeras to Azeroth at some point. She was weakened and fell into a slumber. She joins force with Myra Rotspring, who is fascinated by her power, and believes that she is destined to assist The Spider Queen in defending Azeroth from Sargeras, and Blenda, a Mistress of Mixtures, who is Myra's only assistant. 

    Please visit the deck page to read the story. English is not my first language, but I'm trying my best here. 


    ᄽὁȍ ̪ őὀᄿ Please check out my Wild Spider Queen deck! Fanfiction included. Mwuah! ᄽὁȍ ̪ őὀᄿ

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