Hunter Quest Highlander...That works! New Recipe.

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    Posted 3 years, 7 months ago

    I love playing hunter, but it feels kinda bad in the current meta so had to craft this new deck to try to keep up.


    Its Kinda facey since you don't want to go too late but it can still play Mid range very well and tends to Deal roughly 15 to 22 damage instantly or more with a good Zephrys


    Let me know how it feels or if you have suggestions I'm not thinking of, but this has been an on going project for at least a month or two changing a lot due to N,zoth

    Its just one of those decks

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    Posted 3 years, 7 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your Questlander build!  I played the quest a lot before the Wild cards rotated in and like the idea of including a N'zoth package.  I'm curious to hear more about your experience in the new meta; in particular, what have been your toughest match-ups and what have been the best and worst performing cards?

    At first glance, I'm a little worried about the early game (my Malylander Hunter runs into similar issues) and wonder about the consistency of a few cards.  For example, do you often find you're getting good value from Revenge of the Wild, Desert Hare, and Eccentric Scribe?  I know they can be strong in certain situations, but I could also see them being dead cards or win-more cards more often than I'd like.  I also wonder how Sea Giant has been performing for you as I was a little disappointed by its consistency in my earlier Questlander builds.

    Thanks again for sharing your build!  I think I'll try this out this week and will probably play around with swapping:

    • Desert Hare for another Unleash the Hounds as it has all the anti-aggro and quest progression perks along with synergizing nicely with Revenge of the Wild or Leeroy later.  In general, I'm not too worried about adding one or two doubles to the list (in the previous meta I ran 2x Unleash and 2x Swarm of Locusts and it wasn't usually an issue).
    • If I stay fully singleton, I may swap Revenge of the Wild for Animal Companion or Bone Wraith to help against aggro.
    • Eccentric Scribe might be swapped for Nine Lives to get a better deathrattle late game or just Halazzi, the Lynx for quest progression.
    • Sea Giant will probably be subbed for one of the above or possibly Boommaster Flark for some refill late game (or even Call of the Wild...though I'd probably want to get Emperor Thaurissan in the deck too in this case).
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    Posted 3 years, 6 months ago

    Thanks for looking at my deck. In its original form I would say that it was too inconstant with the N'Zoth, the Corruptor package. The hope was to have a late game last ditch effort to get off a few key Quest Buttons, but it rarely mattered or even got to that stage in the game. Sea Giant Amazing in this iteration of the deck as there are a lot more trash creeps that if unanswered will push tons of face damage. The old Eccentric Scribe would often time be the reason I won games honestly having a minion that effectively spawns 5 bodies was surprisingly good in most situations I faced as long as I had some semblance of board control. Desert Hare is a must as far as I can tell whenever I play it usually gets answered, but is often time overreacted or under reacted too. Tends to setup for card draw or just be an easy 3 summons. Looks needed to keep up with getting quest done at around turn 7 or 8. Most importantily I have 100% found that it needs to have no copies to keep the Dinotamer Brann into Zephrys the Great combo constant. Revenge of the Wild Had to be cut was way too hard to setup over 30 + games


    As of now above is the deck that is keeping me alive on the ladder at all lol


    p.s. I don't have any of the cards that you speak of so I could not say Nine Lives [Hearthstone Card (Boommaster Flark) Not Found] or [Hearthstone Card (Halazzi, the Lynx) Not Found]...But Bone Wraith Was a VERY good idea saves lives lol

    Its just one of those decks

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