Rummaging Kobold in Galakrond Warrior

Descent of Dragons
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    I was a bit surprised to see that no other neutral Invoke cards were printed. Only having 4 Invoke cards to choose from is pretty limiting in deck building potential. The fact that the two neutrals Devoted Maniac and Shield of Galakrond look pretty bad really hinders Galakrond decks. I was really looking forward to building a tempo Galakrond Dragon Warrior deck, but out of Warrior's two Invoke cards, only Ritual Chopper fits the deck. Awaken! might be ok in slower, more controlly Galakrond Warrior decks, but for a tempo warrior, its just bad.

    Ritual Chopper Card Image Rummaging Kobold Card Image

    With Ritual Chopper looking like the only good Invoke card Warrior has access to, I was thinking Rummaging Kobold could be used to get more copies of it, similar to how Jade Shaman has used it in the past to get more Jade Claws. I plan to try this out in a Menagerie Galakrond Warrior deck when the expansion launches.  What are your thoughts and ideas on the best way to fully upgrade Galakrond?

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