Completing the Rewards/Achievements for Festival of Legends

Festival of Legends
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    I don't know about all of you, but I have been sincerely missing the decks that were created and posted to help the community take out the achievements with the newest expansions.  Ever since I started playing TCGs in my teens with MTG, I have never been the best at creating decks.  I could pilot them well enough but the custom decks I made that were fun, let alone competitive, were few and far between. 

    I looked forward to the "community" decks and walkthroughs that people were able to create to help other players get through the achievements for the rewards, and have fun exploring the possibilities with the new cards and tactics.  I know that with the exodus of key people here at Out of Cards left a hole where this was happening more on the regular... but I think that we can start putting these back together and posting them on the site. 

    With that being said, has anyone had success at creating decks to help kill off some of these achievements?  I have created a few, but nothing I would say is dominating or competitive, or even getting "two birds with one stone" anymore.  The closest I have is a Shaman Totem deck I made where I included Pack the House as an E.T.C., Band Manager side board and included Melomania to "refill" my hand after dropping a bunch of low cost totems/minions.  Be damned if I can find a way to put Saxophone Soloist in there with any efficacy.

    I did use Ghost Writer in most of my decks since it, in my opinion, is one of the best cards in the set.  But once I got the achievement I traded it out for another card.  What are you all playing to get these achievements done?

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