Mercenaries is bad Final Fantasy.

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    If you're enjoying it, that's great keep enjoying it. However for me it's a watered down version of games that came out over 30 years ago. I'd rather replay the first FF on nes than play this. How do you screw that up?

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    Well, isn't almost any new game that comes out now something we've seen before?

    Sure maybe some new features or a different kind of interface etc. but most games at least the same type of games always will be similar?

    For example - there are lots of MMORPG out there - one of the big MMO Pioneers is World of Warcraft - and lots of other games that came after that like Age of Conan for example looked a lot like WoW and had other parts that we're similar to WoW. 

    Shooter Games - sure , story mode (if there is one) is usualy one of a kind  but mostly not that long - and if you compare the Multiplayer it always will be the same with the exception of different kind of weapons, abilties etc.

    Same goes for Mercenaries - it is some kind of round-based RPG with WoW/Hearthstone Lore. And sureley there are lots of other round-based RPG's out there like the mentioned Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest etc. 

    Most of the Companys who make games use some sort of templates from different games and try to make them different/better or a new improved version. At least now in the time we are in there is not a single game i can think of who has a completely new approach and is different from everything else. Sure there are some new games who took a different approach and are pretty good and fun or hat some new ideas but still - for almost every game there was some sort of predecessor because there are so many games out there i think it will be impossible to create something new that hasn't already been made.

    So i personaly do not think they screwed it up - but that's just my opinion!



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