Maxxed ALL Mercs!

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    Just a quick brag thread here (but also encouragement for my fellow Merc players). Yesterday I maxxed out Murloc Holmes, completing my collection of maxxed out mercenaries. I spent very little money on this mode (2 bundles early on, both in the $15 range), and just a lot of grinding. When the excess coin exchange arrived, I traded in for around 30,000 Renown. I now have about 1,000. Also have 73 packs saved up for future content drops. 

    There is hope my friends! Yes, there are major problems with this game mode (bots in the pit, diminishing returns on coins, no pity timer on legendaries, etc.). But if you have fun playing it, keep going! The grind may be a slog, but at one PvP win per day and daily tasking, you can obtain a full set of maxxed out mercenaries. And there are lots of fun, competitive squads to play. I regularly encounter comps I haven't seen before, and sometimes I try them out myself!

    Here's hoping for more content coming soon!

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    Well done! I'm getting close myself, though my initial batch of Renown ran out and I've decided not to re-up right now. 

    The next patch looks Battlegrounds focused, can we assume Mercs will take the spotlight in the following patch? 

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    For the last couple years the patch order was:

    X Expansion launch

    X.2 Battlegrounds update

    X.4 Mini-set

    X.6 Preperation for the next expansion

    X.4 patches were announced as "Mercs time to shine" in the year of the hydra announcement post. In practice it meant that the patch will get announced as the "mini-set patch" and all of the mercs stuff will only be part of the patchnotes. However, unless plans have changed, the pve endgame system (which is confirmed to also use the renown currency) is still supposed to launch during this HS year, so patch 25.4 would be the last big opportunity to release it. Maybe Mercs even gets a teeny tiny bit of spotlight, because of it.

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