Glug/Righteous Defense interaction

Voyage to the Sunken City
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    I just learned that Righteous Defense doesn't just set a minion's attack and health to 1, it *permanently* sets them to one; an opponent used it on my Glugg the Gulper in a recent match, and Glugg no longer gained stats from other friendly minions dying; the "set to 1" had precedence.

    I haven't experimented with any other buff cards, but it isn't the interaction I expected. 


    Was anyone else surprised by this? 

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    I watched a YouTube video about the Glugg bug (the fifth test in the video), apparently whenever Glugg gains stats it's stored in a single enchantment which isn't replaced when the effect triggers. If its stats are set after it has gained stats at least once, it won't gain any more of the set stat due to taking precedence over Glugg's enchantment. At least that's how I can interpret the info.

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    Spaghetti Code

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