I Need Your Help Designing My Next Custom Format

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    Hello everyone, as the title states I need your help.

    I've recently been making custom modes and formats for Hearthstone in hopes of getting enough people behind an idea in order to convince Team 5 to bring something new to Hearthstone. At this point in time I have two previous works. I made an outline of a Tournament Mode that I think would suit the game, people had their criticisms but overall the reaction was positive. I also made a new format called Explorer, that shrinks the amount of legal cards in a Wild-like format as time goes on. Shaking up the meta on a monthly schedule does appeal to a lot of people. Of course, no idea of mine is perfect and there is an issue that myself and another reader talked about.


    I need your help, and all you have to do is answer some questions. Now I do ask that you re-read all of the questions once you've written down your answers. You're not obligated to respond to this in anyway, I just need some help. 


    If you guys remember this article I wrote back in September, this will be an alteration of the Grandmaster Format from that post. Grandmaster is what I'm designing to essentially create a better competitive ladder. No grinding, no ranked floors, and no mindless repetition.

    I recommend that you copy-paste all the questions in your reply and just erase the questions and fill it in with your answers, that'll make it much easier for me to follow. If you want to add any additional information on a question (just put it in parentheses).


    Player History

    - 1-1: Do you actively try to climb the ladder each month for competitive purposes?
    - 1-2: What is the highest Legend / Non-Legend rank you've achieved in Standard?
    - 1-3: What is the highest Legend / Non-Legend rank you've achieved in Wild?

    - 2-1: During what set / expansion did you begin playing Hearthstone?
    - 2-2: Have you ever taken a break so long that your collection was lacking cards that were needed in the meta at that time?

    - 3-1: Are you a Free-2-Play Player?
    - 3-2: If so, how often do expansions set you back when it comes to being competitive?

    - 4-1: Free type here if there's anything I didn't specifically ask that you feel is pertinent.



    - 1-1: Are you happy / satisfied with the current ranking ladder system from rank 25-1?
    - 1-2: Do you feel like the ranks from 25-1, non-Legend ranks, help keep the Legend ranks from being diluted?
    - 1-3: Do you feel like the ranks from 25-1 are just irrelevant obstacles?

    - 2-1: Are you happy / satisfied with the current ranking system in the Legend ranks?
    - 2-2: Do you feel like the players in the Legend ranks earned their rank or deserve to be their rank?
    - 2-3: Do you feel like it's a rush at the beginning of each month to try to reach a Legend rank?
    - 2-4: Once players have achieved Legend rank, do you think they take the game seriously for the rest of the month?

    - 3-1: If you don't actively try to climb ladder in either format, why?
    - 3-2: What would convince you to actively climb it every day?

    - 4-1: Do you feel like the Standard Format suits the purposes of highly competitive players?
    - 4-2: Do you feel like reaching Legend ranks 1-16 is realistic goal, even with a full collection?
    - 4-3: Is there anything getting in the way of you reaching Legend Ranks 1-16?

    - 5-1: Have you attended official Blizzard tournament and/or qualifiers?
    - 5-2: How was the experience?
    - 5-3: How could it have been improved?
    - 5-4: Would you rather compete in official tournaments at home?

    - 6-1: Do you think Standard is fine the way it is?
    - 6-2: Why or why not.

    -7-1: You may free type this one if you wish, what would make the Standard ladder a better experience overall?


    Grandmaster, a new competitive format.

    - 1-1: Would you play the Grandmaster Format if it had an entry fee?
    - 1-2: Would you pay an entry fee if the end of month rewards were higher?
    - 1-3: Would you pay an entry fee if, within this mode, it gave you access to all of the currently legal Standard cards?
    - 1-4: Do you think the Grandmaster Format, if it were free to enter, would significantly reduce the amount of players playing in the Standard Format?

    - 2-1: In your opinion, how much gold do you think the entry fee should be?
    - 2-2: In your opinion, in your local currency, how much do you think the entry fee should be?

    - 3-1: Would you be in favor of Blizzard selectively banning certain cards from the format?
    - 3-2: Why or why not?

    - 4-1: Do you think there should be the Grandmaster Format exclusive rewards?
    - 4-2: If so, what should / would they be?

    - 5-1: What would the Grandmaster Format have to do in order to differentiate itself as a format that is different from Standard?
    - 5-2: Would you want a different way to raise your rank that isn't a ladder system?

    - 6-1: Would you play in the Grandmaster Format if you got to attend official Blizzard events/tournaments for ranking among the highest of other players?

    - 7-1: Free type anything here pertaining to the Grandmaster Format that you would like to voice your opinion on.


    Thank you all for reading, and thank you all for answering.

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    Player History

    - 1-1: Most of the times: no. I play for fun (on ladder nevertheless) and if I happen to like a T1 deck I see how far I can get with it. But no more try-hard-grinding after that one-time legend goal was achieved.
    - 1-2: Dumpster Legend.
    - 1-3: Rank 3.

    - 2-1: Blackrock Mountain.
    - 2-2: No.

    - 3-1: No.
    - 3-2: -

    - 4-1: -



    - 1-1: Yes.
    - 1-2: Yes.
    - 1-3: No.

    - 2-1: Don't know, I don't play there.
    - 2-2: Yes.
    - 2-3: I feel like the game is harder, that is my opponents are better at the beginning of the month. That doesn't necessarily mean all of them are rushing for legend, though. I would rather say yes than no if you need a straight answer.
    - 2-4: I don't know, I don't play there.

    - 3-1: I play HS to have fun. For me this usually stops at rank 5. I don't like the grind that follows that floor.
    - 3-2: Better rewards. Wouldn't it be fitting to reward a legendary for reaching legend? They could even make it a specific one for each month.

    - 4-1: I have no idea what needs highly competetive players have. I guess making no difference between high legend and dumpster legend between months is very frustrating, though.
    - 4-2: Haha, no way.
    - 4-3: Apart from lacking skill? Time.

    - 5-1: No.
    - 5-2: -
    - 5-3: -
    - 5-4: Yes. I once participated in a private tournament, I liked that.

    - 6-1: Yes.
    - 6-2: The ranked floors improoved the experience a lot. For me, there is a clean line between fun-oriented people and really competetive players which is rank 5. It's easier to enjoy the game when you know what to expect. 

    -7-1: (Re-?) Establish win streaks between 5 and legend to make it less of a grind.


    Grandmaster, a new competitive format.

    - 1-1: No.
    - 1-2: No.
    - 1-3: No.
    - 1-4: No. (A major part of the format is the fact that you lose ranks when you don't play. I can't afford huge amounts of time to play every day and therefor I probably wouldn't play the format.)

    - 2-1: 500.
    - 2-2: 5 Euros.

    - 3-1: Yes, if everybody had access to all of the cards. No if that was not the case.
    - 3-2: Yes because meta shake-ups and killing OP decks is a good thing. No because that would feel extremely unfair to f2p players.

    - 4-1: Yes.
    - 4-2: They should be better than standard rewards, but not exceedingly so. Like standard gets normal cards, Grandmaster gets golden cards is okay, but rewarding hero skins other players could not obtain by other means would not be okay. A free ticket for next month if you finish above average would be nice, too.

    - 5-1: Different laddering, I guess. Another cardpool would probably be not interesting enough.
    - 5-2: Yes. Maybe like Arena without the drafting? Whoever loses a game gets eliminated and you can only play against opponents with the same number of victories. To adress lopsided matchups, opponents have to play best of three with three different decks and can't use any of them twice.

    - 6-1: NO. (I'm not good enough.)

    - 7-1: I find it really hard to come up with something genuienly new. Then there are a million different ways to play the game and interests which attract or don't attract the player base and potential new players. You've set yourself a real challenge here. My respect for that. Thanks for trying to make the game better!

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    I like to help out - why not :) 


    Player History

    - 1-1: Yes, first target is always Rank 5 - after that, depending on how much time i have i decide to climb to legend or mess around with fun decks 
    - 1-2: Well i can't remember the number correctly but something in the number of 2000 i think
    - 1-3: I play only standard , therefor my Rank in Wild is 25 :) 

    - 2-1: Started Hearthstone with Naxxramas
    - 2-2: Not realy, i mean there we're times i took a break for a few month but never missed and expansion. 

    - 3-1: No, i buy almost every Pre-Order and some packs now and then.
    - 3-2: Not Free2Play so - can't anwer that :)

    - 4-1: Can't think of anything right now



    - 1-1: Kind of yeah, i mean i wished for some improvemens (like adding a winstreak for rank 5-1 or something)
    - 1-2: Yes
    - 1-3: No

    - 2-1: It's ok but could be improved
    - 2-2: Mostly yes
    - 2-3: No
    - 2-4: Some of them yes, but i guess the majority does not.

    - 3-1: The month's i do not climb to legend or at least try i simply do not have the time because of Family/Work or other stuff
    - 3-2: If they would implement somekind of reward system i guess

    - 4-1: Mostly yes
    - 4-2: If you have the time and played long enough yes!
    - 4-3: Only the time :) but with some ladder improvements this could be way faster

    - 5-1: No, nothing blizzard has hosted but other local tournaments yes
    - 5-2: Mixed - totaly depends on the tournament and the host
    - 5-3: Better administration i guess :) 
    - 5-4: No

    - 6-1: Mostly yes, little improvements wouldn't hurt tough 
    - 6-2: Like i said, most of it is fine but i guess some changes/improvements to the ladder system could make it better.

    -7-1: Tough one ... i guess some improvement of the ladder system, or more save floors - or change the Dust/Craft costs so more players could join the standard Ladder.


    Grandmaster, a new competitive format.

    - 1-1: Maybe
    - 1-2: Depends how high :) 
    - 1-3: I guess yes
    - 1-4: No

    - 2-1: Somewhere between 500-1000 i think
    - 2-2: 5-10 Euros

    - 3-1: Yes
    - 3-2: A banning system usually provides balance , therefor is needed

    - 4-1: No
    - 4-2: - - 

    - 5-1: Use another cardpool 
    - 5-2: No, i think a ladder system is fine

    - 6-1: Maybe

    - 7-1: Nothing to add :)

    And i also think if Blizzard would change/Improve the Craft/Dust system more players would play the game or even buy cards :) 

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