Hearthstone Streams & Videos Forum Rules

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    Welcome to the Hearthstone Streams & Videos Forum! We have some special rules for this forum so pay close attention!

    Forum Rules

    • Streamers and YouTube Content Creators may create one (1) thread for all your streams and videos.
    • You may only bump your thread when you have new content to add OR when you are responding to questions.
    • You may not have URLs in your thread title.
    • No giveaways.

    Pro Tips

    • Tell us about yourself and what you do with your channel.
    • Add images to your thread to spice things up.
    • Give us a list of the times you stream or your video upload schedule.
    • Add a link to your thread here to your site signature so people can find it easier.
    • Don't forget to also include your most recent video in your original post inside the thread. It's easy for people to stay up to date on your latest work.

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