Vladimir + Braum Battle Scars

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    In honor of his buff in the upcoming patch, I thought I'd share what I think is the best Vlad deck.  Note that it is an evergreen deck with no Rising Tides cards--not by intention, but because I honestly don't like any of the new cards in this decklist.

    Cards I considered but ultimately cut:

    • Ember Maiden has some potential, but I don't like the downsides: you can't stop it, it hurts your own nexus, it triggers opposing Crimson Disciples, and it usually only lives 1.5 rounds.
    • Kindly Tavernkeeper is popular in other decks but I just hate the slow speed and meager effect.  Even with the upcoming attack buff, I think he's just too underwhelming
    • Mogwai loves Noxian Fervor in this archetype.  For me, I just really hate dealing 3 to my own units here: it usually means the unit will die, and this deck succeeds or fails based on maintaining board presence.
    • An earlier version of this decklist ran Noxian Guillotine.  While its definitely an underrated card in general, I think this deck needs units and buffs a lot more than it needs a conditional removal spell.
    • I played a little with Stalking Wolf: it often can kill its own rabbit for free progression, and a 3-attack challenger threatens many key backline units.  Ultimately I cut it because I didn't like its lineup against P&Z/Noxus burn, but that may no longer be a factor
    • I'd love to incorporate Avarosan Hearthguard--everything in this deck really loves buffs--but its just too greed.  The current 4-6 drops all have more immediate impact due to synergies and the 1-3 drops and buffs are necessary to contest early game.

    Cards currently in which I could reconsider:

    • Starlit Seer is in mostly to provide a couple more 2-drops in case we miss Crimson Disciple.  This was necessary with the prevalence of Noxus/P&Z decks; if aggro's popularity goes down, I could see cutting it.
    • I have a 1-of Bloodsworn Pledge carried over from my original list.  There are times when it wins me the game--e.g., land it on a regenerating unit, or a disciple which my opponent assumed was going to die.  Other times, it just feels like worse version of Take Heart.  As a result, I don't feel strongly for or against it.
    • Babbling Bjerg is a similar carried-over 1-of.  He tutors the Vlad, which means you can either play Vlad on board (which is usually a good thing) or if you have an existing Vlad he's a Transfusion (which is always a great thing).  In practice, though, he feels slow: there's almost something more interesting I'd rather do with my mana.

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